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I was wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in their suspension since they bought their Twizy?

Ive now done over 1200 miles in mine and the ride seems to have got worse. It’s extremely bumpy now over even e smallest of bumps in the road, to the point where it’s getting uncomfortable to drive it.

Maybe I need to get the suspension checked over by Renault to make sure it’s all ok?

No, mines been dire from the day I bought it,I drive at least 20 cars a day, so can comment quite confidently that it is one of the worst I have ever driven.
The only one I can think of that was worse, was my Mitsubishi V111, they reworked this car eventually and changed to Bilstein dampers and springs, which transformed the car.
The front roll bar is so thick on the Twizy, its hardly surprising the ride is so bad.

Does the rest of your Twizy squeak and rattle as well over every little bump? Feels like its going to fall apart sometimes. I still love driving mine, and I must just be imagining it but it definitely feels like the ride has gotten stiffer.

If anything James, mine feels like its eased up just a wee bit after 1200 miles, squeaked and rattled from day 1 tho, and no two days produce the same rattles!

My driveway is like a farm track, so the journey starts with lots of squeaks and then gets better once on the road.

In my case, some days are more “squeaky” than others. Comfort has always been non-existing from the day it was delivered, we’re kinda getting used to it and do all we can to avoid holes and bumps. It’s a different way of driving :stuck_out_tongue:

Comfort is indeed low and by now I also know every hole and bump in the road I take everyday.
Driving a little slower on certain sections also helps a lot as well as making sure your tire pressure is not too high and as recommended 2 and 2.3 bar.

When I had it for the weekend I was expecting a head ride, what I did not expect was being launched out of the seat into the roof hitting a speed bump that in my saab you would not even notice.

Also I thought the tires were over inflated as driving around wet roundabouts was like ice racing (but I liked that).