Switching off headlights

Hi guys, I am not sure whether it’s a country thing (Italy in my case) but there is no option to turn the headlights off, in fact there’s a section in the manual that actually specifies this.

Since I am thinking about replacing the headlights with new LED headlights with DRLs as some on this website have already done, my ideal solution would be to instead of activating the headlights on the off position, only having the DRLs powered.

Is there a way to reprogram or change this behaviour or is it “set” in the switch and in order to change the behaviour it would need to be physically modified?

The default config in the UK is setting know 1 to-
O is off
Single light is Side lights
The third position is dipped and Main Beam.

So the lights do get turned off. I would use the side light setting for DLR and disconnect those.

Ok then it’s definitely a country based setting since in my case even on the 0 setting the dipped beams are on. So in my case:

0: dipped beams on, parking lights on, interior lights off
1: dipped beams off, parking lights on, interior lights on
2: dipped beams on, parking lights on, interior lights on

I of course could use the parking lights wire for the DRLs but it doesn’t resolve my problem as I would always need to switch into the first position to drive with only the parking lights on (or the DRLs in that case).

I would be very interested to understand how I could obtain the uk configuration and whether it’s software or hardware based.

Also in Finland lights are always on.

DRLs should be legally installed so that they are lit only when headlights are off, and turn off automatically when lights are on. It’s also legal if DRL is dimmed to parking light level when headlights are on, but then you must not have separate parking lights.

You could use the interior light signal to decide if DRL or headlight should be lit. This is maybe as simple as using a 5-pin relay… Relay switched with interior lights, and it chooses if headlight power goes to DRL or headlight. Then DRL is only lit when interior lights are off.

Rear lights will be lit together with DRL, but that is legal at least in Finland… And I think it’s a good idea on a small car, to avoid other people rear ending you. :slight_smile:

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That could be a very good workaround and I will start studying the feasibility. I’m thinking of a two way relay design that dims the DRLs on the second and third position of the leaver to comply with legislation.

Would however be very interested to see whether this is not something “programmable” or whether it is determined by the hardware (such as the leaver in this case), perhaps I’ll write Kenneth a message to see whether he has any experience.