Technical drawing of a Twizy

Does anyone have a good technical drawing of a Twizy, like the one’s you see in brochures where there is a cutaway to see the cars innards at all? Or just a frame of the car would be good as well


I don’t even think Renault have one… :slight_smile:

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Yep, think that’s covered it. Thanks :grinning:

That could so useful, thank you Roel

It is almost Porn - A naked Twizy :grinning:

Thanks guys - if you have any others please keep posting, after a side on one ideally, showing where all the bits are, as I am going to build a data viz over the top of the image, showing the battery charge etc


Wow many thanks for these

how are dimention some tube?

Does anyone know where the onboard computer is located? Maybe directly in the display unit? Surely there’s a way to hack into that and reprogram some of the sounds (turn signal, etc). I even saw someone post on here with the idea to change the pedestrian warning sound to the Mario Bros. tunnel background music. Brilliant. I’m no hacker, but I would be interested in giving it a try. I’ve seen people online do much more complex tasks with more sophisticated car computers.

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keep us posted if you have any success :smiley:

Here are some more pictures of a Twizy in bits and below that what it was turned into.


But do you really need the alloy wheels for that? How bout I trade you for the steel ones :wink:
What on earth is it used for by the way? And is it really street-legal?

It is a film camera rig. They still rent the batteries.

Can somebody measure some pipes and give me its size

FYI, digging around the German forums, it appears as though they’ve had success removing the pedestrian warning sound box, and replacing it with their choice of tunes:


Apolo777 Are you out there? I’d like to talk to you about your CAD model, I may have a few things that can help!

I appreciate this was 4 years ago, but It’s worth a shot!

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