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Technical info?

Hello there!

This seems to be a nice and friendly Forum, so I am hoping for the best.

Twizy is being introduced in Sweden where I live right now. Utterly charming vehicle! I want to find out more about it! Where can I find more detailed technical info than in the sales leaflet? On questions such as:

The leaflet says 3-phase motor. Does the power electronics supply “ordinary” 3-phase like 50 Hz 400/230V or something else? It says 8 kW/17 hp motor. Is 17 hp a burst mode? How does the transmission operate?

It is a 3 phase AC induction motor (no magnet, no rare earth, only copper). While don’t the exact output, it is not standard domestic 3 phase, and actually requires an inverter between the battery (that output in DC) and the motor.

It’s rear wheel drive, there is no transmission the motor is directly on the rear axle, just a one speed reduction gear.

What do you mean by burst mode?

What do you mean by burst mode?

I was looking at a Electric motorcycle website the other day, and they quoted two speeds for there motorcycle.
95mph top speed & 80mph sustained speed that you could do all day (or until it ran out of power!)
Perhaps this is what Magnus0038 is referring to?..


Thanks a lot!
I am curious about the power electronics. Does it just make 3-phase with a fixed frequency or is it variable?
The leaflet here in Sweden says “automatic transmission”. I guess that is a bad translation from French. One speed reduction gear does make sense.
Burst mode? Well, the official vehicle registration data says that the motor is 8 kW. That translates into 10,88 hp. But Renault says 8 kW/17 hp . This might be just wrong but perhaps you can get 17 hp momentarily?

I think at maximum power the engine produces more heat than its cooling system can shed. The rated continuous power, as I understand it, produces the maximum heat the cooling system can shed. Overheating is bad for permanent magnets, which can lose their magnetism, but the controller will act to prevent this happening by cutting the power.