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Tell me how the socalled hiring of the battery works

Like the title says tell me how the monthly battery hire works and what is needed .My friend London tried to explain it to me and i’m not following what he says about the battery hire.

My trip to London next month is about work but in my spare time i’m going to take a side trip to a dealer and see if i could do a once a year payment set up with the mileage about 12,ooo miles per year to see if they will do something like that fo me buying it and shipping to the state’s

As a sidenote .I went to the DMV on my day off and show them the vehicle and they basically said i had to run through a basic lookover there at the dmv and they will lics it there that day with my plate for driving on the streets

Basically you choose how many miles each year you are going to do, then how long you want to rent the battery for and that gives you a monthly price.

Much as I hat to say it the Renault web site is possibly the best place to read up on this.

Start here and then select " view Monthly hire prices" prom the right of the main [URL=“http://www.renault.co.uk/cars/model/twizy/zebattery.aspx”]graphic.