Terrible 12v Battery Ballooned!

I had the Twizy charging overnight that is essentially in my internal garage at home. I woke up to a very pungent chemical smell in the entire house and I could taste it in the air. I had no idea where it was coming from. That evening I set out to drive the Twizy, and there was no ignition. Checked the battery and it was in a complete mess. It had ballooned on two of the long sides and the top. Took a bit s skill to get it out from the vehicle. This, I think, was the smell in the house.

It sill read 12.4v, but not enough power to light the dash!

I managed to accidentally drain the battery twice in two months, I guess this didn’t help!

Feel free to recommend a quality battery replacement.


Hi Alex, there was a discussion about this recently. With the recommendation to replace the battery after five years (well, you know you have to replace it already), but also with tips for buying a new battery.

This battery was date stamped Oct 2015. The replacement I bought is date stamped Aug 2015. :-/

This really is outrageous that Renault have used a charger that effectively grossly overcharges the 12V battery. It’s damn right dangerous. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a fire yet because of this well known issue.

I think there’s a few generations of the charger and the later ones don’t do this. They need to do a recall to resolve this before something really bad happens. I honestly can’t beleive that they let this issue slip though when the traction battery is looked after so carefully by the BMS and other safety electronics.

Yep just like mine was when I got it changed. I think mine will get changed every 3 years instead like Renault do on the Zoe.

Greetings all, My battery has done the some thing, blown, even dislodged the stoppers in two of the cells. Is there a viable alternative for the Renault/Nissan battery supplied?

It’s a bit worrying that this is happening to quite a few 12V batteries. Anyone knows the exact reasons. Don’t want that happening to mine. It might even start a fire.

Yea mine did it too…

The battery is not good for the application that is used and twizy overcharges it making it worst. It’s one of the biggest errors of the twizy. (Maybe intencional)

I am using a lithium 20Ah that I made. It weights about 1/3 less than the 16Ah original lead battery. And should be good for the next 10 years.

Still looking for a viable alternative, I am not up to building my own.

I can help you with that if you need.

Do you mean re building a battery or buying one is not too expensive and works?

I can make a lithium 20Ah 12v battery for you. It works great and should be good for many years.

Been making electric bicycles, electric motorbikes and lithium batteries for the last 7 years.

If you are interested send me a private message.

Oooh, I am interested. This will be ok to be charged by the Twizy’s charger as it seems never to shut down.

The battery charger is horrible. Dont know why Renault team did it that bad. Charging to 15v has no sense.

It should be ok, not the best but ok.

But much better than with the original lead battery.

Chucho are you sure we can replace the lead acid battery? I remember done user that are realty into twizy sad it take more than replace with lithium… they said some electrical circuit is needed.
What do you think about it?

The charger in the Twizy isn’t directly suitable to charge Lithium batteries. However a BMS can be included in the new battery to take care of that.

Twizy 12V charger outputs a higher voltage that the Lithium batteries will take. (more than a lead acid would usually expect).

…that you for the answer.
Hmmm I remember someone said that the bus and such as will make the overall weight more than the standard 12v battery.

I am sure. Been using the battery I did for the last 2 months. Connecting to it multiple heaters I am trying to finally decide what I am going to install permanent.

Have not weighted but by hand I can tell you that is about 1/3 less that the original one having 20Ah instead of 16Ah.

A Cellpower CPF 60 - 12 CPF 12V 60Ah AGM accu 277x106x222 mm fits in the space behind the back seat.