Electric battery Earn £175 per month from your EV!
BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Tesla driver and founder of Adverttu.

Hi all,

I’m new here, and hope I could become a part of the community. Couldn’t find a button to create a new topic tbh :))

First a bit about myself - I worked nearly 3y in Tesla Motors, which sparked my interest in electric vehicles.
After Tesla I moved on to pursue career in Media where I opened a tech company - Adverttu, that allows brands on advertise on private vehicles. Brands get exposure they need, drivers - get passive income for purely cruising around with an ad on their car.

The company is still fairly young, and I would be thrilled to hear your honest opinion on the offering.

The latest campaign we’re getting drivers for is for a company called Meatless Farm. It starts mid-August, and pays £175 to EV drivers. Would any of you be hypothetically interested to join / be at least considering such proposition?

Again - keen to hear your thoughts guys & gals :grin:

:green_apple: App Store --> https://bit.ly/AdverttuEV
:robot: Google Play --> https://bit.ly/adverttuEV

To note - the app is used for registration purposes and for it to understand your approximate daily commute to match with advertisers. During the live campaign - we supply you with 12v dongles that do more accurate tracking to make sure you don’t lose miles/impressions, and therefore - earnings.

Hi @Artjom_Jekimtsev

Welcome to the community. What was your role at Tesla? It’ll be great to have another model 3 driver on the forum!

Can you give me some more details on Adverttu. Is there a link to sign up to the next campaign?

Hi @Artjom_Jekimtsev
Welcome to the forum.

Your EV advertising concept is a good one and I’m sure would help clients satisfy their ‘green credentials’ as well as a cost effective mobile billboard.
I’d like to be involved if possible.
You say you have a campaign starting in mid-August, but how long does it run for? Do you have gps monitoring put in the car to make sure the vehicle is being utilised to a level acceptable to the client?

Are you looking for people with particular types of EV, like Tesla model S, e-golf, twizy, smart EQ, etc.

Hi @James & @EVnBeyond,

Thank you for the warm welcome! I held the post of Sales & Business Development and was mainly looking after South East region of the UK (Canary Whart, Bluewater, Dartford). I was mainly responsible for corporate contracts, and vehicle delivery (a lot of happy Tesla owners!) Still have a lot of good friends working there, so if you keen on getting a test-drive - hit me up! :slight_smile:

@EVnBeyond Thank you, glad to hear that there’s genuine interest in the concept!

This particular one will run for 2-month, with a potential extension by the client (if there’s an extension - we will ask you whether you want to proceed, or you simply decline the invite to extend, and we unwrap you). Yes, we will have to put a 12v dongle in the car (goes into a cigarette lighter, and installed during the wrap process), and you just drive around as usual. It doesn’t drain the battery, as it has one onboard the device, that lasts about 3 months. It uses 12v as a signal to understand whether the car is ON or OFF.

There’s not particular preference as for the make and model, but just a huge emphasis that the vehicle should be a pure EV (no hybrids).

As for the campaign sign-up, please download the “Adverttu” app from App Store or Google Play, and during the registration, please select “EV Owners” as referral, and I will fast track you.

But if you will have any issues during the registration - don’t hesitate to send me a PM, and we’ll sort it out :wink:

(Unfortunately cannot share any links/photos to demonstrate the progress, as forum restricts).

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So it is paid per mile of driving. Very interesting!
The twizy has quite limited wrapping space - but does bring alot of attention! I’m sure you will have a good uptake of people wanting to offset the battery lease…luckily I dont have one! But would still be very interested in the concept.

Hi @Kwh-hunter!

We pay our drivers based on how advertisers pay us - we pay per 1000 impressions each vehicle generates. When we install the dongle - our algorithm calculates the approximate number of impressions each vehicles generates on the road live (we take in live data from Waze, ArcGIS, Citymapper, etc to estimate motoring, pedestrian traffics, building densities, weather and how it impacts on impressions, etc). What it means is that - you can be driving less, but in more concentrated areas and be paid more, or leave it in highly visible areas and count pounds coming in :slight_smile:

Yeah, Twizy could be a very cool car to advertise on! Feel free to signup, use EV Owners as referral and I’ll make sure to fast track you into the next London campaign!

Oh that is a bit more like it - it is a good idea - if it is executed well and doesnt inconvenience the driver too much with fitting etc. Due to the limited range - twizy drivers wouldnt be able to get to all locations to have it installed. Unless the wrappers are mobile?

With regards to wrapping, at the end of the assignment is the wrap removed and car cleaned at the owner’s or Adverttu’s expense and convenience?

@EVnBeyond we always stand by our drivers, so the whole process (including unwrapping) is free and always will be for our drivers. And of course - your dedicated point of contact during the campaign will always work around your schedule for wrapping and unwrapping.

Very nice to hear and certainly makes a difference as I’ve looked into paid vehicle advertising but was told removing the advertising was my problem. A way to try and get extra time for the client on the car for free.

@EVnBeyond I’m assuming you’re talking about CarQuids / Sticker Ride? I heard similar experiences before, and it is a shame. We’re interested in working with drivers for a long-term, and bring same, proved drivers into new campaigns time & time again.

Hi @ Artjom Jekimtsev, Interest from me too as long as the ad’s are not too embarrassing :blush:
Probably on my Twizy but I have another EV too.

Hi @OxonChris,

Would be fantastic to also have you on board! :slight_smile:

The one that’s launching mid-August and paying £175 per month is for a brand that sells meatless meat (burgers, sausages, etc). It’s a pretty cool creative, actually! But before wrapping your car we always get your consent to participate, so you will never driver with a brand you don’t like / don’t believe in.

Ow, I think I can post links now, hey! :grin:

Here are the app links!

:green_apple: App Store --> https://bit.ly/AdverttuEV
:robot: Google Play --> https://bit.ly/adverttuEV

To note - the app is used for registration purposes and for it to understand your approximate daily commute to match with advertisers. During the live campaign - we supply you with 12v dongles that do more accurate tracking to make sure you don’t lose miles/impressions, and therefore - earnings.

Hi again, I have a 20 mile commute going through a town and villages however, like many, I am working from home due to Covid 19 lockdown at the moment and not sure when I will be physically back at work. The Twizy is still used for shopping trips etc and is often left in car parks in town, is this still of interest?

Hi @Artjom_Jekimtsev,
I’ve just read a few reviews on your app, someone has raised an interesting point.
They asked their insurance company if they were OK with the wrap, they responded by saying that the customer would need to change to a business insurance which was more expensive.
Also how about your registration document, mine says the car is black but it looks like it might end up looking like a Veggie sausage :yum:.
I expect you have covered all these ‘issues’ over the months but an answer here or a link to a Q and A would be good.

@OxonChris. I’m afraid there’s a minimum miles requirement of 600 miles per month in London for this campaign :confused:

As for insurance - given that the income earned is purely passive and that our driver fleet are simply exploiting their normal motoring journey profile means that the legal arrangement Adverttu has with its’ Drivers is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our client’s advertising message on the side of their car. We explicitly state in our Driver’s terms and conditions that they are not to drive around just for the sake of advertising. This ensures complete compliance with their private motor insurance cover if they are under a domestic and work commute only motor insurance policy. If an accident occurs then the driver’s personally held policy cover is in effect because they were driving for personal and domestic reasons; not for commercial or business reasons.

Before starting off this business - we’ve been in contact with numerous insurers, including LV and Admiral. The wrap that we apply - it is considered a PPF, not a modification.

However, if the campaign implies that the driver needs to drive outside of their normal commute (i.e. embark on a commercial driving journey) - the driver will be covered by our insurance partner - Zego.

Hope that clears things out.

Also full FAQ can be found here: https://www.adverttu.com/faq

I bet there are alot of Twizy on here that dont do 600 miles a year let alone a month!
That said - great idea- and you clearly have done your research. :+1:

@Artjom_Jekimtsev when commuting I would probably be just under 600 miles per month, also I live in Oxfordshire not London (I didn’t spot that as a requirement).
Is it worth me signing up just in case you have a national campaign at some point?
Many thanks

That exactly what I was just thinking.
600 miles a month means commute of 15 miles each way per day based on 4 weeks of 5 working days. I’m also presuming ‘London’ means inside the m25.
I’d hazard a guess, but most people would train/bus/cycle that sort of commute in London as it’ll be quicker than trying to drive!
Also, from a twizy point of view, battery lease (if you still have one) would need to be in the 6000miles+ category if it’s your normal commute.
@Artjom_Jekimtsev, I thought you said the campaigns were basses on statistical views of the vehicle. I’m pretty sure you said there was a ‘passive income’ if the car is parked up.
I know of a few people that drive to major train stations or airports daily with their EVs so would be getting (albeit not this month) lots of eyes on but wouldn’t achieve the mileage you’re talking about monthly.
I appreciate this is also just one campaign’s specifics, but is this the typical mileage requirement and are the campaigns normally location specific?