Tesla Model 3 visibility

Test drove a model 3 a little while ago, and whilst it was in terrible weather conditions (dark and rainy) I found the visibility terrible.

The Model 3 has auto dimming mirrors to reduce glare at night, but I just found that it prevented me from actually being able to see the car behind me. The sloping back also means the actual visibility out the back isn’t great to start with.

I was pumped to test drive it, but it actually put me off the car as I’m a driver that is quite aware of my surroundings at all times and I felt completely vulnerable in it.

Does anyone else with a model 3 have these issues? Is it a problem with the S or X?

I own a Model 3 - I picked it up last November. On the way back from collecting it the dimming mirrors made it tricky to see behind. Either I’ve got used to it now or a software update has resolved this.

I’ve done 8348 miles in it at a cost of about £250, so not bad at all.

I suspect you’ve gotten used to it.

I test drove one earlier this year so I’d assume it had the latest updates.

No doubt I’d get used to it too, it was just off-putting as I wasn’t expecting it and it was one of those really horrible nights to drive in.