Tesla Model X Falcon Wing doors don't always close correctly

Originally published at: http://www.evowners.com/tesla-model-x-falcon-wing-doors-dont-close-correctly/
A video posted by the Talking Tesla youtube channel appears to show quite a serious glitch in the way the Tesla Model X doors close. The video suggests that when a Model X is parked on a slope, the Falcon Wing doors don’t fully close. This doesn’t leave enough room for the front doors to close,…

Oh dear oh dear. I’ve heard about body flex and shake in convertibles but is the X really that flimsy you have to be parked on a flat level surface to close the falcon doors? Can’t be surely?

I think the video is misleading. Apparently the falcon wing doors can sometimes fail to shut properly, and that’s when this happens. I don’t think it has much to do with the slope.