Thank for taking the survey

Thank you, those who took the survey!

Just done the survery, I have to say it’s not very focused towards the Twizy.
For me the distance is minimal (10 mile round trip) and things like trip interruption cover etc doesnt really affect me. I rarely push the boundary of Twizy range, so my biggest concern is wrapping up warm and making sure the brakes arent binding.

I’ve gone into EV ownership basically preparing for the worst. So if anything happened to the Twiz, I’d most likely bike to work or use one of my other cars so temp cover wouldnt really be needed. I dont use public charging so that cover doesnt affect me. We also get special recovery with our Twizy battery lease so that isnt an issue for me either.

The main thing for us is covering the total cost of battery and car in a write off situation.

How much is a personal data record worth now days?
Fully qualified with all information regarding age, income and special interest.

10$ for sure, is it?
And you can sell to many advertisers.

How long until the first spam mail will arrive ?

You do not say who you are , what you represent or what purpose this survey has.

Thank you very much, I´ll pass.