The 30/50 car

It is said here that the Twizy is a 30/50 car: The guideline is, its range is 50 miles when you drive 30 mph and its range is 30 miles when you drive 50 mph.
It’s a nice thought and there’s some truth to that.

Having said that, is there anyone who actually drives 30 mph (45 kph) with their Twizy 80? In cities, yes, but outside cities too?

For me, I sometimes pretend I’m a Twizy 45 when I have to drive a longer range, like over 20-25 miles. You wouldn’t know unless you checked the papers, since they look the same as a Twizy 80.
My reasoning is, if I cannot charge at my destination for some reason, I can still get home driving 30 mph and charge there.

It might annoy other drivers who pass me for driving too slow outside city centres, but I don’t mind. I keep to the side of the road, so people have a clear view about when they can pass and when there’s oncoming traffic.

Is it just me or do other people also drive 30 mph?

My daily commute is mainly in 30mph zones, however I have a steep hill at nearer 40mph that is over a mile long. Where 40mph is about the max I can maintain.

Now the weather is warmer 50 is still just about right.

My car is driven flat out for most of its trip, so 30 miles is about normal, but my trip to work is only 8 miles. I have occasionally forgot to charge etc, & then I have driven at 25 mph, just to get to a plug :slight_smile:

Hi @zeemeerman2 (dutch?) I would think you are righ.
I have a Twizy 45 (brommobiel) and it has a range of 50 miles (I think).
The only difirence is the electric motor, it is smaller in the Twizy 45 than the normal Twizy.
I also have a “45 km” sticker on the back of my car to lett people know I am driving slower.

Flemish, but good try. :wink: