The biggest Twizymeeting Worldwide! Be part of it!

Hello from Bavaria ,my Name is Otto i´m a 38 Year old Twizydriver from Munich (spezial edition in black,20000km,since 2013) and i hope to find some crazy drivers like me to have a lot of fun with our Evs!

the Reason for my registration is the following…

After a lot of electric Events i visit (e-tour-europe, Lipsia-e-motion, e-RUDA, Wave etc.) i try to inform people
about the fun you can have with e-mobility, the low costs and the less pollution for all of us!

So i want to make some crazy thing to be in focus of the people all around…after some meetings with Twizys in my Neighbourhood were we drive a big round through Munich with stops at central Places to inform i decide to make a Tour through Germany which is really freaky for a Ev with a Range of 80km wink

But we did it, in August 2014 a group of Twizy(5) and one Twike make it happen!

4000km through Germany, an absolutly amazing Experience were we met a lot of Places and great People…a new way to travel and to see your own Country in a other very special Way!

but thats not enough…the next Challenge is on the Way…and i wont that you all will be part of it smile

Please show your Madness and follow us to Rinteln(near Hannover) were we will have a great Weekend
of Fun at the " Bundestwizytreffen"

at ( you will get further information about it(sy its only in german at the moment)
but when youre interested in it just write me a e-mail and we will make it happen!

All Members get a thenewmotion Chargingcard to make the Charging easier on the Way!

Kind Regards


[email protected]
[email protected]
facebook: bundestwizytreffen
hashtag: #twizycon

Sounds like great fun, but would be a large task to get so far :slight_smile:

Just a few Days Time and a Passion for traveling with the t-cup ;-)!
It would be amazing if someone from the UK is insane enough to come.
Our 4000km Tour was one of my best Trips ever, so Why not? Live is to short to waste Time without having Fun.:slight_smile:

Hello again!
Can’ t believe that there is no one taking the Challenge to come over for the meeting!
I thought People from the Island are really open and mad enough to make such great Experience like i do before.
Come on. … :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it will be great!

Hey Otto,

Although I won’t be coming this year I was really considering the crazy idea of driving over from the UK to the Bundestwizytreffen. It seemed like quite a big challenge, but not impossible. A big issue for me is my brakes are not great (they get stuck) and sometimes my range is actually only around 50km!
Anyway, I can’t get the time off work to make the drive so that’s my main problem.

Good luck with the tour!

Thank You,
i just took a look at Google Maps. ?.from Rinteln to Calais about 600km and to London 200 km!

Next week I drive to the Lipsia-e-motion in Leipzig, and to get the Award for thelongest distance i’will take the Route over sSalzburg (Austria) through Prag and maybe Warschau (Poland) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: last Time some tesla catch it , He came from Zürich (switzerland) :triumph:
About 1100km-1400 km we will see! :grimacing: :wink:

See you!

Hey there :-)!

## Twizanians off all Countrys…unite

After a great Meeting last Year we will have the second one this Year in Cologne!
And hopefully with more than hundred of Twizys from all over Europe(after 77 last year)!

Would be a honnor to welcome a british Twizy Party in Cologne!
We got a lot of Information about Parts, Set up, Tuning but most of all we will have a great time together with a lot of fun!
Dont worry about the Distance.From London to Cologne ist just about 600km which you can drive in two and a half days(i just drove 520km in 30 hours) .Every Member will get a thenewmotion charging Card ore you put your Twizy in a Lorry!

take the challenge and you will get a lot more then you expect :wink:

Just look at ore contact me at Facebook under otto schönbach ore Bundestwizytreffen !
E-Mail is [email protected]

Kind Regards

I really can say the program last year was pefect!

My experience.
Last year the BTT was in Rinteln near Hannover. I did drive from Groningen / The Netherlands in one long day to Rinteln / Germany. I started at 5 am. My speed limit was around 50-55 km/h,with one bar on the display and taking small roads only. After one hour drive I charged till the 95% mark. Slept in the Twizy. And then I hit the road again. And after an hour and a half again. Mostly charging took 1,5 - 2 hours. So walking through the village and having a breakfast on the market. The apps where to find the charging points were useful. Of course I took some adapters with me. My Twizy has the schuko and used the Type 2 and the Blue CEE adapter.

Otto and his friends really gave us a full weekend program in Rinteln, but on the friday the camping site was already full of Twizy enthousiasts who did drive for days to arrive in Rinteln.
First thing I got when I arrived was a bottle of german beer :grin: They all helped me with my language barrier and before I knew it I was was included in the family.

On saturday there was a workshop around the OVMS by the inventor of the Twizy software himself. Next to that workshops on how to allign the wheels and how to change the gear oil etc. And of course a lot of talk with crazy enthousisasts changing everything on their Twizy and about the tricks of the trade. In between a mad trip to a beautiful castle, with 70 Twizys in a blasting speed :joy:

The trip back was as friendly as the trip on friday. The waiting while charging is boring of course, but that can’t be changed.

This year I can’t do the trip in one day, so when I have driven far enough for the day I will land in a hotel I suppose.

Being with more Twizy than one on the road will exponentially give more fun. More fun during driving and more fun while waiting.

So guys: how many of you am I gonna meet in Cologne this year?

This would be awesome!!

I presume the UK folks would need a special adapter for charging? it would be about 620 miles for me… at least I would make up some of my 4k rental mileage! :laughing::smile:

For the usual german cahraging you just need a littele cheap adapter, to charge at the most officially charging points its not often possible to charge with the normal plug…then a adapter from typ2 to schuko would be helpfull!

Ore you take the big ones to charge three ore nine Twizys @ the same time :wink:

it was extraordinary in every way…hope to see you next year!

kind regards!

look @ facebook to bundestwizytreffen and at the next days you will find amazing pics and videos!