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The Gadget Show Bank Holiday Special tests electric vehicles

The Gadget Show Bank Holiday Special tests electric vehicles

It’s tonight :smiley:

Not much about the Twizy though. The range on those vehicles was shown to be rubbish. Should have charged them up first, but then they could have done it in one go so little point.

The range on those vehicles was shown to be rubbish.

Not true, they started out with almost flat vehicles.
The Zero S Motorcycle has a range of 137 Miles, and in real terms is very close to the predicted range (Unlike the Twizy…)
if they had started out with charged vehicles they could have easily done the journey in one go.


Still not seen anything that I prefer to the Twizy!

I think the problem for the Gadget Show is they need a ‘story’ and showing tension about ‘running out’ during a race is easy (who would watch if they just got in and drove 50 miles?). What was good was showing lots of charging locations and given they both awarded “4G” to the vehicles I think it’s one of the most positive TV programmes to date.

My hope is that they shift to focusing on the cost of the energy for these trips in future. With a tool like OVMS it will be possible to accurately measure energy consumption on different vehicles and that opens up competitions that resonate with the general public.

I thought the Smart looked very creditably as it obviously is a real car with windows and a heater!
The charge up times were long for both though.

I think that was just ignorance… they could have chosen other ZeroNet locations in the Brecon Beacons with Type 2 Charging Stations and charged the Smart [FONT=Verdana]at 16A (~3.3kW) or even 32A (~6.6kW) if the car had the optional 22kW charger installed. They could have also charged both vehicles at the same time (one on Type 2 and one on 13A).[/FONT]

They didn’t say how long they charged, they could have but I think it was good that they didn’t.
I know lots of people who tried the smart ED at smarttimes last year and all where impressed.

The map shows only one Type 2 charge point in the Brecon Beacons - and it’s not on the route between Brecon and Abergavenny. Since the upgrades are expensive, I expect we’ll need to wait for new installations before there are several Type 2 charge points in the park.

The map only shows public sites not those installed but unannounced… it’s a shame The Gadget Show didn’t seek our assistance with regards to ‘fast’ charging :S

ZCW intend to offer the upgrades FOC to ZeroNet members… we are waiting for more drivers to acquire Type 2 cables before proceeding.

That’s excellent news! One of our members was told they’d need to buy one - I’ll tell them to hold on. This isn’t an issue for Twizy drivers, of course. We’re just delighted to find a weatherproof 13amp plug we can park near!

If they wish to replace the complete Charging Station then they will need to buy one. However, if it’s an upgrade to one of our current 13A/32A Gen 2 modular Charging Stations then it’s component and socket replacements that we intend to offer FOC to ZeroNet members.

The charge up times were long for both though.

The Zero Motorcycle, with the optional CHAdeMO charger the charge times are the following :-
1.5 hours (100% charged) / 1 hour (95% charged)
Not too shabby IMO :smiley:
I read on the Zero Website that the battery lasts the lifetime of the Motorcycle!

Cells last 2,500 full charge-discharge cycles before hitting 80% capacity, yielding as much as 309,000 miles on the original power pack

Very impressive! :slight_smile:


How can she tell whether hers is upgradable or not?