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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

The Nissan Twizy

Ok, so not technically a rival EV, as this is the Twizy, albeit with the Nissan badge instead of Renault’s. If you’re not aware Nissan and Renault are strategic partners and have been since 1999. See http://www.renault.com/en/groupe/l-alliance-renault-nissan/pages/l-alliance-renault-nissan.aspx for more information.

It seems however that Nissan first came up with the concept of the Twizy back in 2010, or at least had modern day versions of the Twizy in action back then.



Looks great :wink: but perhaps i am biased… Time this comes to launch i think can only help Twizy owners as in the more sold the more options, mods, accessories companies will develop so win win in my eyes

So is this due to be released?

Yes i think only in Japan at first, not sure when but i think from memory 2013

So are Nissen and Renault basically the same company now?

I only ask cos the garage at the end of my road is Nissen and Renault.

Every day I have to see 2 Twizys knowing I have to wait another Month for mine!!!

No they’re not the same company, but they have formed an alliance.

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