The piece Renault never sold

I have been looking for the piece that stops the air coming inside from front.
It’s a piece that was designed by Renault but I think it was never homologated so it’s not for sale.
The reference number is (or was) 679109245R.

As all of you can imagine is piece number 5

It would be great if someone with 3D design knowlege could design it so it could be printed on a 3D printer.

I suppose that would be me being a styling cad modeller.
I’m happy to help. Do we have any more information than this? especially how it mounts?
Usual route would be to get this area 3D scanned and then mock something up, 3D printing something this small is cheap now, usually from China, and can be made from some great bulletproof Nylon based pellets.

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Thank you benherron. You are the man!! Hired!!

There is no more info that I know about.
I can make you the picture bigger. I think I know how it goes. And I think that the plastic used should be a bit flexible so it can be fitted.

Another thing I am thinking about is that maybe the pre production model has that piece. Don’t know If that model was registered any time or if it can be seen anywhere.

Not a problem, i’ve asked if i can borrow a scanner from a friend, shouldn’t take long to model something up.

You may need a few attempts to get a design that works with the Twizy’s tolerance build-up, i doubt it’s very tight. Probably want to use something like a brush pile tape on the inside to stop it being a air funnel.


I went a bit lower tech. I cut a hole the size of the shaft in a small piece of paper. I cut the paper so I could place it around the shaft and then marked the paper 10mm larger than the aperture and cut to shape as a template.

I took a £2 pair of black Matalan flip-flops and, using the template, drilled the shaft hole through one of the sandals. With a Stanley knife, I cut out the template shape and ran a groove around the edge of my newly formed homemade grommet. Finally I cut from one side of the grommet to the shaft hole so I could place it around the steering shaft and wiggle into the aperture.

Voila, a flip-flop grommet sealing that drafty hole.


Wow!! That’s great! You are very lucky having a friend with scanner.

Can you please give me an email address where I can send you a design I did on paper. On how I think it’s the original part and one idea for the inside.

“Picture paints a thousand words”