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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

The Reaction

What I see everytime I drive to work lol

I find it tends to be more like this for me.

I think a mix of the two lol

:lol: the first image made me spill my tea

when i took the twizy for a test drive i did notice quite a lot of people do stare im guessing its coz its so new. but that first pic made me chuckle.lol


I took a friend who is 6ft tall into Southend High Street in the back of the Twizy. As I closed the door and said goodbye, I caught sight of people in the mirrors on their phones taking photo’s… Then a guy leaned in and said: ‘Nice car man!’ After being at the dentist for a filling, it was a good tonic :smiley:

1st week of having mine one of our female Directors said to me, “I’ve seen your car! Its very cute!”

To which I replied “Thanks, thats exactly the look a hetrosexual male of early 30’s like myself was going for!”