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Hello everyone. I am a converted Renault fan and am now on my third one. I often promote the brand with all of my friends - several now own one! and none of them have experienced problems with their cars. Along with my Twizy, I own a Laguna Coupe Monaco and cannot praise Renaults enough. I am a very fussy car lover and have owned a number of different cars, including brand new Audi’s, and I have to say that these Renaults are much better and I therefore get quite disappointed when people come on to forums only to slate and degrade the brand. It is just unfortunate that some people have had a bad experience and endeavour to drag Renault through the dirt. When I have read other forums, they all have disappointed customers, at some point. So let’s sing some praises for Renault and love the brand!

It’s always nice to hear a bit of positive praise on this forum. The last four cars I have bought are Renaults, although I have had to replace about 7 out of 8 electric windows on my two scenics I seem to still trust the brand. I suppose the lack of windows on the Twizy was a bonus for reliability. But it is Renaults innovative ZE range that has really turned my head, my new Zoe arrives in September to replace the Twizy that has served me well for over a year.

Hi Jmayo - great to hear you are upgrading to the Zoe! I tried one in Paris and loved it. Very jealous but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy all of them :lol: I have just had my Twizy for one week now and it’s been out on travels nearly every day and I’m loving it! I have wanted one for ages and have finally decided to have my mid life crisis now :rolleyes:

If I had the money I would love to have both a Twizy and a Zoe. Even though the hard winter tested my love for the Twizy, I love it really. It’s like my baby, and even though I had it up for sale I decided I just couldn’t part with it.

I don’t think the quality of Renaults cars has been much of a problem. People’s main gripe has been with customer service.

I have had some dealings with Customer Services and they have been very courteous and prompt. Obviously, as you can tell, I’ve not had much to complain about… :wink:

The Twizy has definitely seduced me into buying the Zoe, its the perfect entry level EV and I was willing to put up with freezing cold driving for the pleasure it gave me in return. I think the Twizy has done more for the Renault brand than any other car it has produced, not directly in sales but in establishing their position in the future of transport for the next generation, which as we all know will have to be electric.

Been to my local Renault dealer this morning and saw the Zoe demo car - looks great - much better than the images online… shame I do a lot of motorway driving hmmm

I speak to Renault Customer Services just about weekly, Claire then Kelly and agree that they a very pleasant to deal with. However, my Twizy is one year old next week and my problem started in October last year and remains unresolved. It has nothing to do with the vehicle’s reliability, drive-ability or battery; it concerns a contractual matter which I won’t discuss here.

However, Renault’s failure to sort it out has damaged my impression of their brand and exposed some woefully poor thinking by the EV management. I see Renault as an organisation with a clear strategy to roll out a range of EVs for daily use let down by people unable to deliver that vision at the point of sale.

My own experience buying my Twizy showed the complete lack of preparedness to market the range to the extent I ended up teaching the dealers sales team about features they hadn’t spotted. Phone Renault Insurance for a quote bordered on hilarious as clearly the computer screen hadn’t been set up correctly - “is it right or left hand drive?” & “what size is the engine?”

I had 20 years in all sorts of sales and marketing and I’d love to grab the team responsible and support and drive them to succeed; there’s no va va va voom about the sales push. Even the dealer I’m talking to about a Zoe asked me why I wanted one and said his colleagues were skeptical about the prospects.

So Renault UK overall is OK but Ken Ramirez needs to grip the EV brand before it does any more damage.


Another happy experience with Renault who have sorted out my problem with my brakes - efficient and friendly dealer and problem sorted. Surely there are more of us out there!! :razz: