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The Renault Websites ~ Configure a new Twizy model

I just reviewed the Belgian Renault website to see if there were any differences between a year back and now when it comes to configuring a new Twizy model.

What I saw was that the Colour option was gone, I could only select Urban and Technic Twizys. (Twizies?)
Instead, new options were available like the see-through ceiling, alarm system, etc. that weren’t available a year ago. Great.
Configuring prices didn’t work a year ago, and it still doesn’t now, possibly because of a broken javascript looking at the error it produced.

Then I went to the UK Renault website, as most of the members here are from the UK, just to look at the differences.
The differences to the general website were enormous, not even looking at the Twizy section. The whole UK website looks far more modern,
with web 2.0 features all over the place. Compared to this, the Belgian website looks like it is built in 2000.

The differences in Twizy configuration were there, too. At the Belgian version, you can choose whether your Twizy would be blue or red, black or white.
At the UK side, you could repaint your whole Twizy in many colours, yellows, greens, or even with flag patterns. (not for me, but I like that it is possible)
Also, the Colour model is still there.
With this in mind, I almost want to buy a Twizy at the UK and import it into Belgium, instead of just buying it here, if I would need a new Twizy for some reason.
One thing to notice though, is that you can’t buy the 45 km/h versions (28 mph) at the UK website, only the 80 km/h (50 mph) versions of the Twizy.

Lastly, since Renault is french, I went over to the french website to look at the difference there.
Again, it seems I went to a website which could have been created 10 years before now, looking at the general design.
It looks a bit like the Belgian website, which puzzles me. Why would Renault build a more modern website in a country they’re not even from themselves?
There are two differences between the Belgian and the French version, with a dozen or so compared to the UK one, when it comes to the Twizy version of the website.

  1. The Twizy part is built fully in Flash, while at least in Belgium it is viewable in HTML and broken JavaScript. For the non-tech people here: You can’t view Flash on a mobile device and it is frowned upon by webdesigners. Web browsers can’t look into Flash content, so you can’t Google Translate text in a Flash website, and Google can’t index it for searching it.
  2. The Twizy comes in three models: Life, Intense, Sport. Life being an English word, in a country where most people only speak French. Why not Urban, Colour and Technic, I don’t know.

I don’t get why Renault offers three entirely different websites to three countries, instead of just one modern website with translated content.
Anyone up to inform me about this?

I can only guess it has something to do with the marketing and design departments being separate in each country.

It stands to reason that the Twizy will need to be marketed differently in different countries and so Renault UK probably have their own division that deals with this.

They will either have built the website in-house or outsourced the work to a web development company - who knows? My point is that Renault UK, Renault Belgium and Renault France probably all took different routes to getting their websites made, resulting in different sites completely.

As to why they can’t keep a consistent experience for all countries, well that’s just Renault for you!