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The Storm

So assuming this storm hits us as they are predicting this evening, is anyone worried about their Twizys?

Mine stays outside all the time, and considering they’re saying the winds could bring down trees and power lines, I’m sure that means it could blow my Twizy all over the place.

Any suggestions?

It still is pretty heavy, so I doubt it would ‘blow over’ !

I have always found the Twizy more stable in the wind as it has no surface area as such. So side winds blow straight though. Not like trees with leaves.
Do end up sweeping plenty of leaes out of it.:smiley:

With a tailwind behind me in the storm, I am hoping to crack 80mph!!! Watch this space.:lol:

The Twizy is not good in high winds, so I am not looking forward to driving it tonight… :frowning:


Storm arrived today on the german coast. I just dissapeared in a gust full of leaves and something hard was in between that hit the twizy.