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The tax disc is dead!

In case any of you missed this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25223631

This is good news for everyone but especially for us twizy drivers that don’t have to pay road tax as we’ll no longer have to worry about displaying a pointless tax disc and applying for a new one each year!

and applying for a new one each year!

Still need to apply though…


Excellent - it can now join my front number plate in the boot, never to be seen again. At least I might see traffic lights easier (than the back of my disk holder!)

There’s always been talk about scrapping Road Tax and putting the cost onto Fuel.
Bigger Gas Guzzlers would use more fuel so cost more, do lots of miles and it costs more etc etc.
Twizy would still be Free! :smiley:


Would we still need to apply if exempt? What would be the point?

Even if we do it’s just a quick online form. Nice and simple.

The point would be it STILL has a computer record and a finite renewal date - irrespective of whether the disc is displayed or not. Those with Classic vehicles are in the same. boat.