The Twin-Z Concept[

Auto Express believe this is going to be the styling for the next Twingo, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Renault used the Twizy as a test to gauge interest in small EVs, and have now decided to offer a hybrid Twizy-Twingo vehicle. The clue’s in the name, is it not?](“”)

I thought it was going to a body that you choose the engine for. With Electric motors being one option.

So rather than going down a fixed chassis and engine, where you choose the body shell - Truck, car. 4 door, two door, cabaret etc. This is to be a fixed body shell with different power unit options.

Looks very interesting, rear engined as well. Renault is certainly giving the electric theme it’s best shot.

Its part of the Renault/Mercedes/Smart tie-up… Will be the next Twingo as well as the Smart four-4 with a rear engine, rear wheel drive as well as all electric drive train.

Not sure if that’s true but that is one awesome picture

I had one of these from renault whilst my twizy was broke. Its not the greatest vehicle on earth to say the least. The small engine version is gutless and the gear ratios are rubbish, they say the turbo version is better. Under the floor there is a big space for batteries but the dealership knew nothing about the car being a hybrid or all electric