The Twizy love factor

I don’t think I am an addict but I do follow interesting Tweets about EVs and all kind of renewable energies and came across these tweets.

@Evmeerkat is a member on here - He has a Twizy near London.

haha :slight_smile: gett-in! Bring on the fame! lol

its been quite a ride, (quite literally at times) since i have gone all-electric.
More about my shenanigans on my blog

and while we’re on topic of interesting EVs - #twizy(s) - look up - best <£30 ever spent

It’s a small EV world. A really good blog

Nice blog!! :wink: while I love electric and especially the Twizy loads, I still miss at times 592HP/ torque monster I used to drive :smiley: - 4mpg on race gas has its thrills :D. But cheap thrills on a crazy little Twiz is just as fun as you get into work :smiley: