The Twizys Korean Resurgence

Just found this article about the Twizy…maybe it means the expansion in the Korean Market (as we know from the windows) will see some more accessories being produced!?!

Last autumn, Renault said it would move assembly of the Twizy from Valladolid, Spain, to the Renault Samsung Motors plant in Busan, South Korea – where it has become a minor sensation. According to the Korea Joongang Daily , more than 1,400 Twizys were sold in South Korea through last November. A promotion on a home-shopping channel drew nearly 3,700 inquiries, Korean media reported.

Renault jump-started interest in the Twizy last February with a pilot project in conjunction with the Korean postal service. The goal is to replace 10,000 high-polluting internal combustion motorcycles with “ultra-compact electric vehicles” by 2020 – presumably, mainly Twizys.

Renault now hopes to sell at least 15,000 Twizys through 2024, with capacity at Busan of up to 5,000 per year. The tiny Twizy is well-suited for narrow streets in Seoul and other Asian cities, Renault says, with particular market potential in Southeast Asia.

“You can’t kill this model,” Renault’s electric vehicle director Gilles Normand said. “The Twizy is not dead yet. We’ve been able to tailor it for local demand in Korea, for the postal service or for local delivery fleets, while it has more individual use in Europe.

Perhaps a little imagination is all that’s needed to sell more Twizys, Normand admitted.

“We’ve been pleased to see that each time we give more attention to it the consumer has responded well,” he said. “What I’m discovering with my team is that we were maybe lacking in attention to the Twizy.”

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Thats good news but I would be concerned about the battery pack in summer and winter , I’ve worked in South Korea and it can get up to 40C+ in the summer and -20C in the winter.
Twizy battery pack run hard in summer will cause the temperature sensors in the battery pack to fail and cause BMS problems.
Renault really need to water cool the battery pack for hot countries, ten year old technology needs an update.

I am going to get a Korean language pack and look at their Internet pages and see what different oem parts there are. I agree, it would seem logical they would over heat, but maybe they don’t get up the speed as the congestion / journey type / roads are different?

Actually quite close to our temperature range here in southern France, at least for the summer hot peaks (regularly over 40°C), whereas our current winter extreme lows are more in the range of -10°C. Does it amount to sensor getting “fried” with high temps ? I have OVMS records of cell temps, I could go through them and read min/max temps.
I’ve been so for concerned with the range loss during winter, so added a home made battery pack “low temp heater” which helps maintain temp above 15°C during those cold winter nights, as I really need the 55km range to commute…

I read quite a few reports of batteries failing due to heat in hot countries , seems to be the thermocouples failing in the battery pack.

I’ve run some readings in the summer with the power box and can see the battery gets hot quickly and remains hot until switched off. Theres not a lot of data available but with old battery packs , big wide wheels and the power box we could be seeing a lot more failures?

Would be interested in any data you have.

I know somepeople investigated cooling vents and the like. I am planning on installing some old bonnet vents upside down to scoop some cool air upwards to keep the temps down over summer.
The F1 version was water-cooled…would love to see that close up!

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I’ve found that using the car in ‘eco’ / normal setup results in better range and lower battery temperatures than when in ‘sport’ and ‘max tuning’ on the PowerBox.
No surprises there then! :+1:t4:

Although here we don’t have temperatures over 40°C (for now), i found that in lower temperatures (-10/-15°C) the energy regeneration by braking doesn’t work (I have mine set at 500 in stead of the normal 300). But with the powerbox at max power, after a few good acclerations, the battery gets warm enough to start regerating. strangely enough that increases the range (if i don(t forget to turn the powerbox to normal again.)