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The 'What if it rains?' question!

I’m sure you guys have experienced this countless times now, but how do you react to the ‘What if it rains?!’ question.

People don’t believe me when I tell them you don’t get wet, that’s what the roof is for! They also don’t seem to think about how much drier the Twizy is than a moped or motorbike. I think maybe I would get this question less if I didn’t have doors as people would then see it more as a motorbike with a roof. Thoughts?

I am starting to get more fed up of sound of wet roads than having to tell sceptics I ddon’t get wet!

Haha, true! Although today was nice and sunny for a change!

Within the first week I owned mine, I went to work in the car , the roads were absolutely flooded.
The car handled it all with ease, you just need to keep our arms tucked in a bit , so as not to get wet.
I must say, you need to watch out kfor standing water, when a large vehicle is coming towards, you, the result could be getting very wet :smiley:
one cool point is that the Twizy leaves rooster tails off the wheels like an F1 car !

Haha, I likened that to a jet ski in a previous post :lol:

The first 5 weeks I owned mine we had nothing but rain, every day. I use mine every day for work and drove home in a torrential downpour more than once. I never got wet. But you’re right, it’s the standing water being splashed by bigger cars you need to worry about.

Mine is parted outside at work and I keep a cloth in glove box just the wipe the seat down before I get in. Also it helps a bit when parked to push the seat right the way forward.

Only in the back have I or my passenger got wet. I got wet when wife went through a large puddle and it sprayed in the back of the door. My passenger only got wet in the back when we parked an I got out to got to the ATM and it was raining very heavy.

I hope the mud flaps will help a bit.

Under steer is moor fun in the rain.:smiley:

Yeah exactly, the only chance you really have of getting wet is when the Twizy is stationary and wind blows the rain in sideways.

But its still a whole load better than a motorbike for staying dry!

Hello all, Just spotted the forum and this topic. Although its a shameless plug (scuse the pun) I’m finding I have to drive around 90% of the time with my windows fitted; the weather in Scotland has been so wet since i got my car in May, not sure how you guys manage without !

Because we don’t live in Scotland :wink: haha.

All joking aside, I drove home in the pouring rain today from work. The most wet I got was slightly damp forearms. That’s about it! Other than that I was bone dry.

Its not the rain that worries me with the Twizy anyway, as I know from experience you don’t get wet. It’s the cold I’m not looking forward to. In the winter, windows will be a must because of the wind chill factor.

This is my only downside to talking to people… the dreaded “What if it rains?” :rolleyes:

As yet i have not got wet in the front, in the back i have felt a little bit of mist but nothing to come out soaked, i think the mud flaps have helped reduce this issue a lot but then having these on since day one i am not sure if they make much difference for the passenger? Cross wind when in traffic/junctions is the only concern for me as you may get a bit come in the sides but overall not had any thing to cause concern as a Twizy owner but that may change in the Winter…

I do have a emergency pack in the boot of the car and that is two fold up rain coats not yet used them but i know they are there if required and i carry a leather as well to wipe the car down if its been sitting in the rain not had to wipe inside yet so overall pretty happy

My typical interaction:

  • “what if it rains?”
  • “then the passenger gets wet… want a ride home?”

its a twizy with a roof or a 2 mile walk in the rain or on bike. Your choice haha? The real question is who’s going to be brave enough to take it out when it snows? Rear wheel drive fun anyone?