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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts


Here is a dealer selling up the ZOE. I love the air fresh pod ,Well done Renault forward thinking.

And the inside looks great reminds me of an APPLE product in many ways.

I checked out the Zoe in December at a Renault London launch of the new Clio (no one was interested in the new Clio!)
We couldnt drive it but my deposit was down straight away.
Because it has the battery under the floor, instead of through the centre of the car like most EVs, it has space in the back for three seats and a very low centre of gravity.
The car has a heat pump which provides heat in winter and cool air in summer, and yes it filters out the horrible pong of exhaust fumes coming from those old-fashioned cars.
But unfortunately, because I can only run one car at a time , the Twizy will be sold to make way for the Zoe :frowning:

I want a ZOE as well as the Twizy, but unless they make a 6+ seat version, we can’t have one…

I’d like a Zoe if the battery lease agreement is good deal. At £13K+ it does rival a supermini directly, so needs to have the 130 range they suggest if the battery rental is the £78 I’ve seen banded around. Any less, and it is not going to appeal as I would want a weeks go for my money, unlike the twizy that I charge every day and a half. That’s why the Twizy for me was a much better proposition due to lower battery rental and low entry price… Winter temps may affect my attitude if the predicted three weeks of minus temps come about as range as predicted :S

Got to be better than this though…


poor old Twizy but hey so pleased that we got a new Zoe owner on here. Keep us all posted please.

I shall wait and see what the ZOE performs like and if the range is good as Roger states I shall put a deposit down and order one as well. I love the twizy so much i simply can not ever see me selling it it’s simply to much fun to drive and in the summer will be such a joy.

Same here. I see myself keeping the Twizy forever. It would be a shame to ever have to sell it as I don’t think there will be anything like it again.

Who knows, it may also be worth quite a bit if money in years to come!

Why we killing off the twizy?

I think its because I said I would sell my Twizy when my Zoe arrived. Which will probably be in 6 months time.
Only allowed one parking permit per person here in RBK&C.

I shall never sell my Twizy as James said it’s unique and nothing like it has ever been on our roads. I like it way to much to ever sell it and nothing could ever replace it.

I would agree, unless like the one on flee-bay I was offered £1,000,000 for it. :slight_smile:

A million quid. Is it powered by pixie dust instead of lithium ion?

Comes with its own nuclear power station :rolleyes:

Cant see the Zoe doing over 100 miles on a charge, I remember last year when Autocar had their Leaf, they left London for Heathrow on a very cold day and the range showed 38 miles when full . I would imagine their is a connection between the leaf and the Zoe batteries, does anyone know if this is the case ?

our Zoe launch in London. :smiley:

First Drive: 2013 Renault ZOE Electric Hatchback

Good review, I am very tempted to get one of these, I hope Renault do well from this, they seem to have tried hard and deserve it.

Just seen a pre delivery Zoe at Renault Wirral. Black with dark trim, seems much better than the lighter trim.
Want want want. Need to arrange a run.

Just got my Zoe today and (reluctantly) put my Twizy on ebay to sell.
It is a completely different beast to the Twizy, being a sealed up enclosed car with lots more technology between you and the tarmac.
I do miss the simplicity of the Twizy but being such a cold wet drizzly day I was a lot more comfortable in the Zoe and I could even pick up both kids from school in one trip, also for the first time I managed to complete a journey without having to chat about the car to a complete stranger.
Still trying to work out how to turn off just the radio and not the whole sat nav centre console.