They have kept le twiz

i had to take the twizy to renault on tuesday for the gearbox noise they gave me a twingo to use for the day. i was expecting a call to say oil changed and all is well but sadly it hasnt happened. it seems that i might be using the twingo for a while le twiz is in need of a gearbox at just over 1k miles not good really. i suppose in the fullness of time le twiz will return less the whine and clunk so my life will be once more full of fun cos twingos are anything but fun

Hi Peter

Who is the dealer?

1K and it needs a new gearbox. That’s BAD.
What sort of noise was it making? I have a rattly noise sometimes when I lift off the throttle.

whatever it is in hillsborough sheffield dont take any notice to be honest they all look just the same to me and the paperwork is in the twingo so cant check at the mo

it was clunking on off throttle and it was whining very loud at 50 mph this has been steadily getting worse as the mile clocked up

Oh dear! Poor Twiz.
I should get mine sorted soon! Mine has been making a collection of noises too, mostly the whining like the sound of a Datsun Pulsar reversing :grimacing: and the occasional liquidy scratching/chirping at about 30mph (my brother described it as an agitated squirrel sound!). Also I can’t be sure if the play between on/off throttle is getting worse.
I would change the oil myself but I don’t have anywhere to work on it and most places nearby are not interested.
I just hope the damage is not already done.

Does anyone know where I could get a set of seals for the gearbox? I read somewhere that these should be changed too…

That is bad news, hope it does not start an avalanche of exploding gearboxes :frowning:
My Twizy is almost upto 13,000 miles
Been putting it off but definitely going to change the gearbox oil this weekend…


All this reminds me that I must take the Twizy to have it’s oil changed for the first time after… 10,450 miles and no horrible noises apart from a wiz sound but it has always be like this (very similar to the Tube in London). The twizy will be 3 years old in May 2016.

Under the current 4 years free servicing contract will I only pay for the oil and not the time spent by Renault taking the rear apart and replacing the oil??

i dont know depends whether its down as a service item if its isnt you will pay the whole thing

My Twizy has 13000 miles on the clock and I have never been charged a penny when I took it for its free yearly service.
Usually a dealer will charge for the consumables like oil etc
Judging by the colour of the gearbox Oil that I took out of my Twizy makes me think it’s never been changed


I changed my oil recently at about 11000 miles . I can assure you that no one drives their Twizy as hard as we do.
My oil was a bit dirty, but no major metal fragments in it.
Don’t worry too much if you havnt do it yet, just get someone to change it for you, it’s a very simple job :+1:

I saw the German video posted on YouTube and it didn’t looked too difficult apart from the poor access so I will try to do it myself but need to get one of these hand pump to push the oil down.

spoke to evans halshaw today renault have instructed them to test drive another twizy to compare the gearbox noise. thats going to be a tad tricky because they dont have one and the only other one they have access to has been for a swim and is cream crackered the joys of renault

Try to found one (good luck) with windows as it is the best way to listen to the sound of the motor & gearbox when you are driving.

i have tried one in rome with windows like mine and unlike mine was quiet so i know i have a problem evans halshaw know i have a problem its just renault who dont want to accept i have a problem

Not absolutely essential…
You can do it with a length of tubing and a funnel
I bought a Pump from Halfords made by Laser and it worked but it was hard work.
The stroke was very small and took 100’s of pumps to get the one litre of Oil in



I haven’t got time before Christmas to get up there, however I could meet part way if yours is drive able, Or if Evans Halshaw want to compare to mine then can come to me or they could go to Meadow Hall as use the abused one there. Evans Halshaw only sold two! Mine and Meadow Hall’s.

cheers chris they have sorted it a gearbox was ordered last night so sme time in the distant future it will be repaired.
the meadowhall twiz is dead it went for a swim and is waiting to be written off at evens halshaw
thanks for the offer though the twiz spirit is alive and well