Thinking about a Twizy

Good afternoon all.

I am thinking about a second hand Twizy as a runabout for around town. However, there is one factor.

Battery lease.

A second hand twizy circa £3500-£4500 does not make sense with an additional £45 a month battery lease, so.

Are they about at all without battery lease? From what I can find, no, and Renault UK have said they no longer sell the Twizy so no use asking them.

Thanks all!

Who knows but we don’t own the Twizy as it is cheap but as it is fun to drive.
Had mine since June 2012 and used as my main and only car, using nearly every day. I even take it on holiday with me (on a trailer behind my motorhome)!

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That is confirmed?
At least their website still offers the Twizy in it´s 2017 facelift state.

Thy stopped selling the Twizy from August 2016 until March of 2017 due some new EU Norm they had missed :wink:

Thanks all, The local dealer told me that, I haven’t confirmed it 100% across the country.

The battery lease kills it for me. If I buy it as a cheap runabout (4th car!!) then after 3 years when its worth nothing, I would have spent half the value of the car on battery lease…

Makes no sense.

If one wants sense, one would never consider a Twizy.
My Twizy is my 5th car, but it’s the one I use the most. That says it all.

Yes, my dealer has also told me that the will soon stop manufacturing the twizy. Once in 2013 then in 2015 and again in 2017.
Every time I tried to buy a NEW Twizy. (He never recalled our previous conversations :wink: )

He always wanted to steer me towards a Zoe or even a CLIO!!!

I’ve had recent communication with Renault who have said that they are considering allowing U.K. owners to buy the battery soon. Saying that I think we’ve all been told that at some point.

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Ok then - “financial sense!”

I have also heard this a few times, but it has never materialised. Seems the only way to get one without battery lease is find a written off one, or a private vehicle that has had the interest of the battery lease company removed from the system.

Yeah, heard hat for Germnay ages ago.
But I wouldn´t even mind to go on with the lease if the would upgrade the battery to 9kWh.
With the new cells used in the Zoe this would be no Problem.

Actually you can buy the twizy officially with a battery in Austria.

But at a steep prize. 4500€ on top.
And they reduced the warranty.

They will only sell you a new one when the one you bought drops below 60% SoH.
(Thats to prevent you from buying a lot of battery and selling them to others who will end their lease)

Considering that it is next to impossible to get a new one at 75% with a contract (we had two cases with about 100Tkm in the German Board) you can safely say the bought one is for the Twizy lifetime.

On the other hand , a lot of dealers in Spain are selling the Twizy used with the battery for 3100€ on top.
That´s the amount you have to insure it here in Germany.

Seems like Renault is dropping the lease scheme all over Europe , where the sales weren´t that great.

So in Germany,Austria,France,GB,Italy the Twizy was too successful :wink:

Genuinely not trying to be argumentative, but when does owning 3 cars (Twizy 4th) make financial sense. Three duplicating depreciating asset (generally), road tax and insurance.
But sometimes owning something is an emotive thing and Twizy is one of them. Most owners seem to love them. When asked about the Twizy by strangers, and there will be plenty, I always tell them anyone with any common sense will not buy one !!!

I wouldn’t say 400 Twizy sales in the UK was good or particularly successful.

OK! About 600;-)

But still not that successful, you´re right :wink:

Surprisingly Austria has the same number of sales and Span is about 1900 Twizys and dropped renting the battery.

Make no mistake, Twiz is a toy and was designed as such. It’s for geeks.

Make sense in those cities where cops knows the laws and won’t give you ticket for parking in the moped parking.
Plus get into the central area allowed only to caps and electric cars.
… Make sense not in Italy where the recharging columns 2 out of 3 get stuck, turn off and on randomly, no customer service, questionable electricity price.

I agree that the Twizy makes absolute sense as a city vehicle, but even though its a toy, and even though its a vehicle, I’m not going to spend the value of the vehicle every 3 years because of the stupid battery lease.

That money could be put towards a proper electric car for example!

Right…to me it would make super sense if if somebody could make for us a battery pack with real 100km.

Advice please. The cold weather has killed my 123volt battery, where do I get a new one’ Do not say dealer as the are as useful as a chocolate fireguard. I would also like to get hold of a workshop manual, the handbook is not that informative. I equate the Twizzy with a motorcycle but with a windscreed and roof (mine has no doors at all) it has brought back the fun of motoring and is, without doubt, the best 'head-turner on the block. Looking for fellow owners in Devon.

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Hi @Fizgog,

If you mean the 12v battery, see the following:

Thanks Pete, only £48, that is a lot less than a garage quoted me. Any other tips re SAervicing?