Thinking about selling my Twizy

Ok, due to a job change my Twizy isn’t going to get used enough to merit keeping it.

Looking for a valuation for it with a set of twizy windows, and a mk2 powerbox. 62 plate model with 9800 miles on the clock.

Ok Hive mind give me a clue.

Are you interested in selling the power box separately? Cheers

No sorry

Whereabouts do you live?


I think a good starting price for the Twizy would be between three and a half and four and a half thousand. I think four and a half to include the power box and assuming that the entire vehicle is in great condition, I think you may have someone bite at it.

Although I think the Twizy may actually hold its value indefinitely. I’ve seen some of these go for less too. Put a starting price and see perhaps what interests you get.

One bit of advice, make absolutely sure that you get the paperwork sorted for the battery before it is sold. Otherwise you could get caught out.

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Yeah I got a similar valuation from an EV specialist. I’m going away from home for work this week, so I’ll have pop at selling it when I get back.


According to a recent article in Autocar magazine, the Renault Twizy together with the Renault Avantime are already regarded as future classics due to their unusual designs and low volume production.

see attached photo.


Really starting to regret selling mine now, especially with the number plate I had.

My one eventually ended up in an auction earlier this year and could be anywhere now.

Yea I know what you mean. I just couldn’t justify paying the battery rental for the low miles I was doing. Sorry to see it go, but it wasn’t getting enough use. Renault want to take a look at themselves about this.

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Same with me. Definitely would have kept it if it wasn’t for the battery rental. At the time I didn’t want to be paying for when I wasn’t using it, but now I’d love to still have it as a run around and toy for the weekend and sunny weather.