Thinking of a Twizy

Hi all Twizy owners :smiley:

My names David (as you’ve probably guessed) and I’m thinking of buying a Twizy. Ive already specced one and got my own little brochure.

My Panda 100hp is paid off in October so it wont be until then but I’m doing a bit of research 1st. It was during this research that I stumbled accross this gem of a forum so I thought I’d come out the shadows and introduce my self :smiley:

I live in Derbyshire and I work from home so the Twizy seems ideal to me to be honest. Furthest I travel is to Nottingham which is about 14 miles away. Im a little worried because I dont live that close to one

I do have a couple of questions for you owners though, how is it finding charging points out and about? Ive recently been to France and Spain on a Road Trip holiday and noticed how things seem better for the electric car owners, restaurants giving plugs, charging points everywhere, priority parking etc. I dont think id need one but its a just in case thing.

What sort of range can i realistically expect, looking on here most owners get an average of 35miles.

How much difference have you noticed on your electric bill with the Twizy? is it costly to charge?

Ive seen a few with windows but didnt notice that as an option on the configurator.

Finally, ive read that you get discount on hire cars etc but i cant see that any where on the renault site either.

Sorry for the essay.

Buy second hand if possible and save yourself a fortune.

Opinion on windows is fairly split on this website. Personally I prefer as they keep meddling fingers and spraying cats out, as well as spray from passing vehicles. A set of windows will cost you circa £300.

14 miles each way should not be a problem if your are light footed. The rule of thumb is using the 50/30 rule; gentle acceleration and 30mph max will get you close to 50 miles out of a charge. Heavy pedal use and high speeds will reduce the range dramatically to about 30 miles.

A full charge will cost you less than 2 quid.

Charging out and about is different from other cars as the plug on the Twiz is a standard domestic type. Most street sockets do not facilitate this. However this has an advantage, if you have a friendly boss or friend and you can plug in at work or standard socket and in about 3 hours you have a full charge.

The Twiz does not qualify for the government discount. It is classed as a heavy quad, not a car.

The other thing you need to be aware is the battery rental. If you buy a Twiz, you do not own the battery; it is rented from Renault and will cost you from £45 a month to hire. Think along the lines of buying a car, but not owning the engine. This needs to be taken into account when considering your financial position.

This said, the Twiz is a fun car for a particular niche of driver. Try a test drive before any commitment (make it a rainy day to really test your desire, a sunny day and you may fall in love).

Come back to any of the good people on this site for excellent guidance.


Thankyou for the quick reply. I do appreciate that.

Thats all useful information too. I didnt realise the plug was a standard 3 pin type so thats nice to know.

I saw on the configurator site that the battery was hire, i thought that was quite a good idea though due to the extra benefits but after reading about the renault recovery service on here i may try and avoid that as much a possible haha. I didnt think the hire was that bad either, 49 quid for 6000 miles seems good.

Can i buy 2nd hand and rent my battery then? thats useful to know if i can, would save a lot of money :smiley:

I like the twizy because its different, I saw them all over on the continent but not seen one in the UK on the road yet

Thanks David,

When buying second hand, the existing owner has to give the buyer’s bank details to be released from their contract with Renault. So yes, and this is how I bought mine.

I’ve had mine a year now, personalising to this:

Thank you for showing me your car. I really like it. There’s a few really nice ones on this site

I am in Rotherham my other half in chesterfield its about 30 miles return which Twiz does easily, mine is a 64 plate bought secondhand its been good fun and yes I have windows

David I’m in Chesterfield and travel down to Derby in my Twizy. A 28 Mile round trip should be easy even in Winter (depending on rout and speed). Don’t think I have ever done so little range ( must try harder!).

Happy to show you mine if you aren’t far away. The there is another in Derby.

If driven properly, like me, I can squeeze 43 miles out of mine. It depends on wind speed and direction and how many hills you have. Don’t take off too fast from the lights, coast up to junctions and traffic lights, and lift off the accelerator going down steep hills and all will be good. Also, if the is no traffic behind you, drive at 40 in the country instead of 50. In town, drive at 29 instead of 30. The difference is noticeable. I make it a daily challenge getting as many miles as I can out of a charge. Makes life worth living!! Hehe

Also, regarding electricity, my bill has increased by about £3.50 a week. Not a huge amount by anyone’s standard. Overall, my twizy costs me about £80 a month to run. That includes battery hire, electricity and insurance. Not too shabby! I’m on the 6500 mile rental which costs just over £51 a month.

I got as a max 42 miles out of mine, and if the office was a shade closer I could get too and from work 3 times before I needed to charge it. However I am getting 2 trips (28 miles) with a third of the battery left.

In terms of electricity I suppose it depends on your tariff, but on mine it was costing me 85p to charge. I have not really noticed a difference.

Windows… nah, I did get the Renault ones, and used them twice, and then sold them. Short of being cold in the winter you can stay mostly dry. I found the only time rain became an issue is when its parked and you return to wet seat, but that can be wiped down with a towel in the glove box.

I am looking at selling mine. Mainly down to job change.

If you’re on an Economy 7 / Economy 10 electricity tariff and using the Twizy a lot, it might be worth putting it on a timer to charge at night. Just make sure the timer can handle the current required (10A)!! Mine’s actually on an immersion heater timer.

To get a little bit mathsy on it, I commute about 26 miles a day (round trip) which seems to require 4 to 5kWh of charging to get back to 100% charge. Even worst case then, on my night electricity rate this is 5 x 7.7p = 38 pence per day for my commute. This used to cost me about £6 a day in petrol.

I think charging from 0% (I.e. the Twizy has actually run out of charge and stopped) would use just over 8kWh.

In terms of worst case scenario for the range; I once managed to get down to 2 miles remaining on the prediction after just 26 miles driving, but that was in winter, mostly on fast roads and I was driving pretty much as fast as I possibly could the entire way (within the confines of having some sort of sensibility about road safety!).

I can honestly say I havent paid to charge my Twizy yet so its cheap as chips to run!!

Welcome to the site and top man for looking at the Twizy.

I drive 16 miles each way, 8 of which are on the Motorway and get about 34 miles in the Winter and 38 in the Summer.

The one extra you should look at is the powerbox by @kennethnilsen69 which you will see discussed on other threads, it really transforms the performance of the car

I got 48 miles out of mine the other week. Never had that before!

The reason that you got the higher mileage is that you are still driving to save every last bit of battery power as you do when it is very cold. A sudden warm and dry spell catches you out and you are still as careful.

Good stuff keep it up and you may break the 50mile range when it is warmer still.:grinning:

It’s a fallacy to think that the Twizy is cheap to run.
Most Twizy owners have taken out the £45/month battery rental for 4000 miles a year. That is £540 excluding electricity charges. For the same mileage any hybrid, ecobox or even mid size diesel car will cost much less to fuel, well under £500. And they are proper cars. Also if you don’t clock the 4000 miles a year, which a lot of owners don’t seem to, it will work out even more per mile driven.
Insurance on the Twizy is not cheap, in fact more than ecoboxes. But the major cost of running the Twizy is the horrific depreciation if bought new. The only way to own a Twizy is to pick up a cheap second hand bargain.

But I did buy secondhand few months old £4700 I use it all the time and as both my other cars are very large engined [5.7 and 4.3] its cheap to run as I havent paid to charge it yet. Also its on my trade policy so I dont care

thankyou all for the replies and warm welcomes :smiley:

Interesting about the 2nd hand purchase, I think I may have to take that route.

Ive been looking at that tuner box, it looks interesting and a great idea.

@osbrook I will take you up on that offer if hats ok? Im in ripley so Im not far away from you at all :smiley:

Just want to say a big big thank you to chris for showing me his lovely twizy.

It’s definitely confirmed that I want a twizy in my life :smiley:

After seeing his I will be changing some options I want as well and I’ve got a much better understanding how it all works as well.