Thinking of buying a Twizy as a first car?

Hey there,

I’ve just passed my driving test and am looking to purchase a Twizy as a first time car.
I’m in my late twenties, and have had enough with not having my own vehicle and thought it was time for a change!

I have no garage or off street parking, is it safe to park a Twizy on the street around the corner in a permit bay?

  1. I would be solely relying on public charging points around Central London, and I work from home so charging at an office wouldn’t work - is this a terrible idea?

  2. I was looking to buy one second hand, with doors and windows, but after reading this forum for a while I’m thinking I should order the TWY windows instead and get one with just doors? Or is it better to purchase one brand new with the warranty?

  3. I’m not the most car savvy of women, is there anything I should be aware of before taking the leap?

Thanks so much for the help in advance

sorry i cant answer all questions but as a motorbike owner i have no idea why people are hung up on the doors. i preffered the freedom of the outside on the no door option.

probs is a great idea to get some car road experience and not keeping with the trend with the twizy and i am sure you will love one


  1. Depends on your luck. TWY windows might help.
  2. From what I gather, there are not many 3 pin charging points in London. Others can confirm.
  3. IMO doors are essential, to keep all the road muck out, and for resale. NEVER buy new, depreciation kills. Can pick up bargains second hand. Having said that, I think Twizy prices have firmed slightly in the last year or so.
  4. Depends on what you want the Twizy for. For fun and attention, you can’t do better. It’s basically a four wheel motor bike. Winter can be a bit miserable with the cold and wet, but come summer it’s a totally different story !!
    Insurance is not that cheap, eco ICEs can be cheaper. Presumably you know about the monthly battery rental, about £45 for 4000 miles/yr

I don’t think you will have too much of problem finding enough charging points. If you look on Zap-Map there appear to be a good number. Some EV car dealers may let you charge for free, there are several who will in the city of Norwich, where I live. It would be best to do research and check availability of places before you take the plunge.
With regard to parking in residents bays, you could get a lockable cover from these people They make one which completely covers the Twizy and although a dermined thief could obviously remove it in time, it would stop anyone but the most determined from tampering with your car.
They do a long term outdoor storage cover from £299 called “Stormshield” and you can order onewith your car’s number plates on it, (an extra cost option) so it is legal to park at the kerbside. They would also provide one with a clear pocket to display your residents parking permit.

I would buy a Twizy with just doors and then find the best windows for your needs, afterwards, reading all the reviews of windows, on here first, is a good place to start. You may even decide to do without them!

Good luck buying a Twizy, I am looking for one myself at the moment. I hope some of this helps you.


Until December 2016 it was free to charge on the majority of London charging points with a SourceLondon card as I did. The maintenance, upgrade and expansion of the infrastructure in London has been passed on to a French private company Bollore (the same that run the hire an EV cars in Paris)

It is a sort of good news as the current infrastructure is badly maintained but the price structure now in place is not to the advantage of the Twizy owner, but also by upgrading they are removing the few 3 pin BS plugs available in and around London.

Thanks for the answers!
Yep, aware of the monthly battery fee - but just found out you have to insure the battery?? Is this not covered under normal car insurance?

This is not clear cut. Some insurance co. seem to want separate insurance cover for the batteries, but some do not. Mine didn’t. Only thing is if the car and batteries were destroyed in an accident, RCI will want payment for the batteries. If the insurance does not cover the amount, it will have to come off one’s own pocket.

Absolutely it should be. The whole car is insured as far as I am concerned and if you have an accident that damages any part of the car, assuming you’re comprehensively covered, then the broken bits should be replaced, including the battery. There’s certainly no small print in my policy that excludes the battery.

I suspect that the requirements of the lease (in the UK at least) are not trying to infer that ADDITIONAL batery insurance is purchased, just that as the battery is not yours, it needs to be insured unless you want to personally stump up the full cost back to Renault if the car is stolen.

That makes a lot more sense! Thank you.

and if you want one check out mines in the classifieds :wink:

thanks for the heads up! Although in need of those doors to keep my hair under control LOL.

ehm the wind doesnt hit you head on you know :wink:

I’ve had a Twizy since last July as my first car. Commute was only 7 miles each way. Since then used daily and only 2 days were weather was so grim (rain). 1st day just stayed in and as did not need to go out. 2nd day took brolly and got the bus for a change. Just need to be a bit flexible.

Would not get Windows as really the amount of spray/rain coming in is minimal unless storm force lashing down. Had a cover but people kept removing it to see what’s underneath so don’t bother.

For charging I purchased a type 2 adapter cable from evbitz and have not looked back. This gives access to 90% plus chargers and really allows flexibility. I regularly do 60-100 mile round trips and can even (just) fit an electric folding bike, Harrier, in the back. This allows travel while Twizy charging.

100% electric all the way… :+1:

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