Thinking of selling my Twizy

Hi all, I am changing my job and unfortantly its to far to travel in my Twizy, so I’m thinking i should sell it, its a 2012 white Twizy with doors and LEXON hard windows, it comes with the PRIVATE TWIZY plate TW11ZY so for someone looking this is ideal, its had new brakes recently and a 2015 charging unit fitted as the old charging units had a fault.

To me it the nicest Twizy available especially with the number plate, a real head turner looking for around £3999

Im currently in the West End so if anyone interested please let me know.

I Think @James Would like that ! :grinning:

@osbrook it really is tempting… Lol

Go on James, she misses you! ha ha !! if you know anyone let me know… thanks guys!

I’d love to but I have to be sensible and remember why I sold it in the first place! :smile:

Just wouldn’t be viable for where I’m working unfortunately. Also don’t fancy getting tied into battery rental again! :grin:

@flumpsky Did you manage to sell the Twizy in the end?

Hi Chaps.

I am thinking of Selling my Twizy here.
I have a looming change of circumstances soon, with home move, and Leafy car-share Commute would have to do then, unfortunately.

It is a joy of a ride, - really enjoying the #taqsi sound setup.
Comes with Twizy Zip Windows
Plenty of snaps on my twitter account
and my Blog

Will be removing the marketing stickers (which have been paying my insurance and Battery rental btw!)

I am after after £4k, or as we usually write in ads, “£4,150ovno”
Based in London.
If you’re about town, i can swing round in the morning for meet and greet.
DM on twitter or email iam[at]