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Thought I'd say hi

Hi all

Not got a Twizy yet, luv the concept, nearly sold, just waiting for the right moment to make the leap.

Have borrowed one from Renault Watford for a weekend in the summer, and found it almost the most fun thing on the road to drive…

Currently drive a Renault Clio dCi 86, and a Lotus Elise.

Pic attached of the one I borrowed

Will continue to lurk on here as a non-owner for a bit if ok with you all.


Of course Brian. Lurk, ask questions, and I’m very confident you’ll end up buying one. This site has managed to persuade a few already to make the leap!

Get one bought man, I love driving the Twizy more than my other toys , you wont regret it.

I tried too hard to rationalise the purchase, but would having bought one now, would buy another in a heartbeat-i find ours gets used non-stop and is far more practical than I could have imagined. See:

Ooh, Twizyowners is turning into SETOC, thought the name BMAN looked familiar. Decision for me will be after the winter. I currently run a Smart alongside my Elise, think a Twiz could be a good Smart replacement.

What’s SETOC?

SELOC was the South East Lotus Owners Club, so many members have gone over to Porche that people jokingly call it SEPOC. Twizy, SETOC. BMAN and myself are members of SELOC.

Yep James looks like you have more than one Lotus owner lurking…

Come on Shep its show and tell time, me first. This is mine…


And here’s the Twizy I borrowed parked next to my friends Lotus.

The Twizy appeals to me as its almost Lotus like in being back to basics super lightweight…