Thoughts on twizy trailer (to move twizy)

Ignore the fact I am twizyless currently, saw this and thought it was perfect for moving a twizy. Thoughts?

Weight limit 500kgs, i believe twizy is 450kgs.
8 x 4 and folds to fit in my garage.

Just done 400 miles with it, tows well.

The Twizy is a bit more but if you add windows straps and blocks, plus a ramp you will be over.

I would worry about the flat surface, but like the way it folds away.

Also a Twizy is 54 inches wide.

54 Inches is including the mirrors, not relevant for the trailer. 4ft will probably just fit.

The measurements I saw were off Renaults website and it looked like it would fit, just. I have seen the weight listed at 450kg and also 475kg. I can beef the suspension up easy enough if needed though.

The flat surface does worry me slightly although I can sort something out for that.

Its a hefty thing to fold up and stand up, only just manageable on my own.

Just be a little careful with the gross value that it is rated to. You could go over the limit. Also be very careful with “nose weights” as it is really important for safety that this is correct. There are tons of videos of what happens with an incorrect nose weight. 60% of the weight should be over the front.

As long as you can safely strap the Twizy on to stop it moving then the size should be fine. I am sure some chocs screwed or bolted in would help and then ratchet straps over. There is a towing eye behind where the 12v battery sits.

I. I’ve been told the trailer have to be well balanced, but with only 50Kg on the towing vehicle at the hook.
If this helps.

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