Three wheeled Chinese twizy rip off

Here’s a link to the Chinese three wheeled twizy lookalike. 40mile range and a 6 hours (!) recharge time. It does have a reclining seat though, which might be a good thing. £3,999.

There is also a 4 wheeled version


This one is avaiable at a few importers here in Germany.

Drove it two years ago.

Very wanky quality.
The roof was sealed with silicone. And a job well done! You would´t pay your plumber if he did that job in your bathroom.

Seats OK and the door closes weathertight.
Steers something like between a Autoscoter and Reliant Robin.

Batteries in mine were lead acid with no BMS. (You get a nice voltage gauge from the 50ties :wink: )
Just plug your 12V charger in and open the windows of the garage to prevent blowing it up.

They come in a few varieties.
I´ve also heard of some with LiIon.

But the driving performance stays the same.

Wow, 6 hours charge time? Think I’ll stick to the original Twizy.

Unbelievable, is there anything the Chinese wont knock off ?

Erm, no!!! They copy everything. Even the Range Rover evoque and the smart car.