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Throttle issues

Sure I noticed someone mention a problem with their accelerator pedal ? Anyway mine has started sticking, its a sealed electronic unit, so didn’t try to lube it.
I popped into my local Renault dealer in Ilkeston, they tried to ring Renault to ask if they could fix it, but couldn’t get through.
I await their call next week. The fault is a bit disconcerting, because the car just drives itself, then the throttle gently slaps your shoe as it comes off.
Anyone else had this ?

Mine sits in a damp sunless corner all day and my disks are rusted-I had the throttle getting sticky so stamped up and down on it a few times and it was fine.
Mine gets sticky if I treat it lightly and don’t give it a thrashing.

Try a few swift on/off movements and see how you go :wink:

I removed all my wheels yesterday and cleaned the corrosion dust off the back of the alloys, and the disc hubs, then gave the hubs a little squirt of Wurth HS 2000 liquid grease, just to smarten it up and stop the wheels from getting corroded on.
The throttle seems a bit better after using the Twizy all week, I guess it probably stood a bit whilst I was away at christmas, even though my colleague went home in it a few times.

Hi Lightly

It was my Twizy that had a problem accelerator pedal. It’s a known fault and shows up on the Renault system but has now been replaced, was in and out with an hour.

Thanks for that, my local dealer called me today, and said they can’t do it :(. This will mean a trip to the ZE dealer in Leicester.

Won’t your local dealer transport the car there for you? Maybe worth calling Renault ZE helpline…

Just a thought; mine has been sticky for ages but does clear up with a bit of stamping-tends to need this if driven “lightly” (:D) or if left sitting for a few days.

Would it not work until the next time you need to go to the dealers? As soon as you touch the brake, the throttle input is cancelled anyway.

I see what you did there :smiley:

Will try it tomorrow, not used the Twizy for a couple of days, so it may stick again now.

Mine sticks when not used for a while, but I soon sort that by using it as a full power on/off switch >:)

Yes im onto pedal no 2 and still got the problem, appears to be worse initially and worst on light pedal movement. I’ve had to get my toe under the pedal to return it to correct position a few times or stamp on it to try and free up the action, a serious problem which I suspect they will have to do another recall on before long!

Mine is not improving despite the stamping on & off trick, caught me out yesterday again whilst manoeuvring, had to brake hard not to hit another car. Because of the Twizy’s reasonably gentle pull off speed, you think it’s your imagination at first till you look at the dash and see 1 bar of throttle showing with your foot off.
Someone will get caught out when parking I am sure.

Not experienced this myself (thank god). Must be a small number if Twizys that are affected.

I’ve not experienced this either, however mine is used daily and stored over night in a garage. Outside when parked at work, so still gets wet and cold.

That’s a good point. Mine is used daily and I’m covering around 200+ miles per week.

This may be an issue for people that only drive the Twizy occasionally for short distances.

Mine is left out in cold/damp and throttle is sticky when first used or if used too lightly, once stamped on a few times and used as intended, it is fine…for now!

No Problem here, but I am only just tipping the 700 miles and only had it 3 months.

Drive it lightly or hard depending on what happened at work.

My Twizy is used almost every day, I have done nearly 2000 miles now.

Had the same problem the dealer replaced mine under warranty. I have now done over 3000 miles in mine great little car

Read through all of these entries… Has the Twizy definately got a repair notice on the throttle assembly? As Mender suggested, I’ve tried to jump on the throttle but it is now sticking more often and in need of a flick up with my toe? Concerned about it now as I can come up to traffic and it stays-on and the regeneration doesn’t kick in… then on the brake, it doesn’t come off or regenerate and I am braking with the accelerator locked on, fumbling to get my toe under the accelerator to release it. :’(

Mine is in now two recalls or OTS (no idea what it stands for) in RenaultSpeak, 1/brakes 2/throttle pedal
Plus the brake pedal/handbrake release set up is faulty so handbrake dash light does not come, or you cannot release handbrake with foot on brake pedal, plus brakes generally problematic-rusty discs, sticking caliper, graunching etc, plus squeaky left door pivot etc

Bizarrely, as I was reading this post, the Renault dealer called me to say my Twizy was ready, all checked, no parts needed.

As my throttle was sticking I queried it, said not in parts number requiring replacement on recall-I then asked if they had fixed it (could be grease too thick on spring for our cold weather?) as they knew it was sticking.
They said they’ll call me back…