Throttle Pedal Travel

Hi, just started driving my Twizy and note that the first two thirds of throttle pedla travel doesn’t seem to do anything. I am running a Powerbox in Sport mode, is this normal on a Twizy?

Sold my Twizy 4 years ago now, but from what I remember no this doesn’t sound right. Did you buy the Twizy brand new?

If you have brakes that stick it doesn’t do much.
The pedal starts right up in regen mode. Then pressing slightly removes regen and puts it in a ‘Neutral’ mode. Press a bit more and before the first power bar you should get the Twizy to roll along. Pressing further moves the Twizy off.

Now went it starts for stationary it needs two power bars showing but drops back to 1 once it is rolling.

What you didn’t state was are you finding this issue from stationary or when already moving?

On the flat at around 26-30MPH I can go a long way with no power bar showing. ie. not in Neutral but not in full 1 bar drive, It takes some learning.