Tire pressure

I discovered a huge impact of the tire pressure. You might want to increase your’s as well. In the manual they recommend 2,3 bar front und 2,0 bar back, i go with 2,6 front and 2,3 bar back. Range increases about 20 %. I get summer-ranges now in winter :wink:

I’m surprised it is that much of an increase of 20%, but sometimes you have to balance comfort with range and hard tyres mean a harsh ride. With the UK roads full of pot holes we need as much suspension as we can get. I do set mine slightly higher than the 2.3bar.

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Below 50 km/h the major part of resistance is rolling resistance, so the pressure has a huge impact. It is quite bumpy, i agree. Acutally it is terrible bumpy :slight_smile:

Can be a little skittish on bends and corners too… there is a diminishing extra return on economy the higher you go. I run at 40psi all round but it’s not a 20% increase. I keep meaning to do some testing on best pressures but mine has been out of service for a couple of months waiting for Renault.

If your tyres are under pressure you’ll loose around 10% of range because flat tyres really do drag. I’d guess a moderate pressure increase could be worth 5%. I suspect the book tyre pressures are for comfort and simple handing.

If you do change tyre pressures allow yourself time to get used to new handling characteristics. Different tyre pressures can make the same car feel and react in a shockingly different way.

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I did the tyre pressures as you recommended. 7000 miles only out of my rear tyres. Replaced with falkens which are cheaper tyres with better noise and energy efficiency ratings. 46 quid each, fitted.

@Repoman Where these the original tyres? My original ones only did about 7000miles but the like for like Continental replacements are doing a lot better.

Also the tyre pressure the Twizy is supplied from new is always too high, which will not help the wear.

I will take another look at mine, but done 8,500 miles on them and they still look like new!

On the other hand, done 7k in the Tesla and all 4 are on the point of needing replacing :open_mouth: