Tires - alternatives?

Tires are looking thin on my 2013 Twizy (blame the wife’s driving style) so considering changing them and i am investigating alternatives to the continental tires (pricey stuff). After some searching it seems that there are no alternatives for the front tires but plenty of choice for the rear tires. So my questions are: has anyone tried different tyres brands and is it possible (are there any rim constraints for example)?

I believe these are alternatives for the fronts! They are for winter though. Can anyone confirm? Keep an eye on the price as they changed 3 times yesterday while I was looking.

Very difficult to find any alternatives for the fronts seems a fairly rare size.

If these are compatible may snag a few for winter or the 10 months that aren’t summer.

They are the right size but at £34 they are only £3 less that the originals from the same place. Again like you say prices change often and I did buy mine 3 weeks ago.

So…changed the tires and new twist to the story. After looking around I decided to change the rear tires for the standard Continental econtact 145/80 R13 75M. Ordered the tires and went to pick up the car yesterday. But here is the catch - they installed the EcoContact3 tires 145/80 R13 75T. The supplier screwed up and no M tires available anywhere in Portugal. So i had to choose to put the old ones back on (and risk a fine) or accept the 75T tires. Since i needed the car i chose to keep the tires.
On the plus side they were 45 euros cheaper, it feels a bit more comfortable and since the cargo index is the same and the speed index isn’t listed on the car papers the police wont mind. But it is a more sticky tire (the M tire gets a E on the economy score while the T tire gets an F) so autonomy will probably suffer but by how much? Will try assess that later when summer cools down a bit. Will keep you post on it.

They were only 40 Euros cheaper earlier. :wink:

I didn’t know they did different speed ratings for the Twizy sized Continentals. It will be interesting to see if the range (Autonomy is a poor translation) is altered by much. There shouldn’t be much difference between E and F on the distance the Twizy covers.