TIWSY registration for sale

I am selling my 2012 Twizy technic with lots of bits. But I am also selling the best registration T1WSY separately so I’m open to offers. I’ve upgraded to the Tesla model S so the fun car needs to go along with it special registration.

@Nigel_Jackson please tell us more about the Tesla and your experiences with it

How much for them?

Over the years I’ve had many different cars, not all expencive ones. I was told abought the Tesla and being into toys managed to convince the wife to visit Tesla’s Brent-cross shopping Center showroom. Although at the time there was no way I could afford one (and I told the guys in the showroom this) but they were just pleased to show us this incredible Tesla model S. I explained I would need to sell my VW bay camper and my Lotus just to get the deposit together, they weren’t worried at all and gave us test drives in 2 Tesla’s, the first was a right hand drive which both the wife and I drove for over 40 minutes (fantastic) the second was a left hand drive P85 with insane mode. Tesla couldn’t get insurance for the general public to drive this left hand drive car so the Tesla man drove, we pulled up at some lights, he warned us he was engaging insane mode (just as well becouse the word insane doesn’t cover the feeling of 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and then no gear changing that would normally give your brain a rest). If this car had gone any faster “As a passenger I think I would have passed out”. 8 months later I have sold everything and am the proud owner of a Tesla the best car I have ever owned (by far). Auto pilot is fantastic. I recommend everyone to have a test drive even if it is out of your budget range. Electric cars are getting cheaper the Tesla model 3 is coming in abought 3 years put a deposit down (it’s refundable). The experience of buying from Tesla is unlike buying from any other car company

The best offer so far is £2100