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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Today I...

Needed to use the heated screen for the first time and it works!

Photo taken by rear seat passenger.



I’m at Chesterfield Motor Fest.



Mine left Chesterfield and went to Wales.

Just got home from Chesterfield Motor Fest, which was a great day with my Twizy getting lots of attention.



Created a

Twizy smartwatch face


Installed led headlights


Hey!! Welcome to the LED headlight family :slight_smile:
How did you make the adapters in the end? It looks slightly different from the 3D file I posted.
Make sure to aim them pretty far downward!
Honestly, these are the headlights the Twizy was always meant to have!

Well I don´t deserve any credit for inventing anything, I just bought a mounting kit from a guy on the World of Twizy owners facebook group and did the install myself.

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They look great. What make are the actual light units?

Today I managed to get my remaining miles down to 1 as I got back to my house. I could have easily eaked out more as I was in high power mode and driving quickly.

Thanks! I really like them.

I don´t know the make, I bought them from Ebay in Germany, but they are made in China.


I can’t get the link to the light units to work. Are these the corredt fitting please?

Looks the same, except for the 2 different colors for the drl, mine only has 1.

Here is a link for the fittings and in the comments you can find amazon and ebay links.

Thank you!

I have just ordered the LED fitting kit from Stephano Martinelli - he is super helpful. I also ordered his very clever comfort kit for the anti roll bars (will post links) and then I ordered DRL LED headlights off ebay.

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Link to the comfort kit:

Before you buy this set, just remove the roll bars completely and take a test drive.
Chances are you never want to go back. Twizy is still safe to drive, much more comfort and you save 60 Euro’s. Removing the bars is only a little more work than mounting this kit, and easy to do for anyone with two hands

Hi, I have already ordered them and like the idea of the anti roll bars still being able to do their thing once it leans to a certain angle.

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Do you know if it is possible to order from Stephano Martinelli by another way than from Facebook. I don’t have an account and don’t want to create one. Thanks

I will get you a contact