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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Today I...

Hi, I have already ordered them and like the idea of the anti roll bars still being able to do their thing once it leans to a certain angle.

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Do you know if it is possible to order from Stephano Martinelli by another way than from Facebook. I don’t have an account and don’t want to create one. Thanks

I will get you a contact

I understand that due to the suspension design of the Twizy, removing the anti roll bar completely may put an abnormal pressure on the rubber and wear it out much quicker than normal and make it progressively softer.

The Twizy has a bush on the inner arm that is just rubber deflecting, it is not a normal pivot point / ball joint. This might wear quicker and cost a lot more than the comfort kit.

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I have found an email for him, he did warn that facebook is faster: [email protected]

I fitted up the following today:

Led lights, I used the Harley Davidson ones with angel eyes then used Stefanos fitting kit.

Tip…read his instructions as you only need 2 of the 3 screws that align the headlights.

I then fitted his comfort springs to the anti roll bars, front and rear.

The car is MUCH more comfortable now without the jarring bumps, great mod. The steering is a tiny bit more nervous as you get a bit of roll at turn in and then it settles as the springs compress. The cars should have left the factory like this.

Next up I fixed the broken lock on the right hand tub inside the car, the top plastic bit had broken off the lock so I cut a new piece in 2mm steel and screwed it to the plastic.

Whilst in there I fitted the 80nm rams to lift the doors, now you press the release and the door goes up on its own.


Spotted a Twizy in Ronda, Spain.


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Bought a winter wrap around bag to keep us snug. Should arrive in around a week.


Spotted Osbrook braving the rain on Derby road in Chesterfield.



Fetching a part for the Wife’s Ice car. Don’t think I was braving anything I use my Twizy all year round every day when I can.


Set out to cure a rattle in the speaker area but ended up replacing the speakers also.

Not a bad upgrade for £16.


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Used the Twizy as a handy power supply to pump up the tyres of a fleet of wheelbarrows.

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Drove from Matlock to Chesterfield and back.

Started with ~75% charge and got home with ~15% charge after driving ~19 miles.


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Clever chap!! I love this

I’ve just tried to ins6it but having difficulty which I’ll follow up in the next few days.

Is there any chance of creating coloured Twizys, or even customising the colour, as it would stand out better than grey (and my favourite colour is purple)?

What did you buy?

Have had my Twizy for exactly one year!

In that time I’ve driven it 1922 miles, using £49 worth of electricity.

Battery lease, insurance, power and MOT come to a total of £829.

Fuel savings on not driving my ICE car come to £436.

So, having the Twizy has cost me £393, so just around £8 per week for lots of fun, which I think is pretty good value for money.



Well done Peter :clap:

Updated my PowerBox firmware and app, which now displays more information.

Due to lockdown I can’t give it a good try until my journey to work tomorrow!

Thanks for that, so it now reports the battery SOH - nice.

Amazing. Thanks Kenneth for doing an update!

So that is starting to look more like the V2 screen with some more useful info at your fingertips. It now saves me having to use the API to get some of that info.

How did you find out about the firmware update? Is it on the Facebook page?


Facebook and email.