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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Today I...

Cheeky :+1:
it is SCARY without doors (and a seat) I can see how it could make it even more fun. Where do the wing mirrors go though!?!

Been playing with white metal plastidip, matches the seat colour very well and has covered up some areas that had lost their finish.

I have finally redone the speakers, upgrading to pioneer ones and a miniamp, powered from the aux socket and mounted under handbrake area.

Still trying to take apart the doors…can you just pull the door handle outwards to get it off? Seems to be the final piece of the puzzle, or maybe the door latch, before I can separate the plastic and metal bits. Then I can properly cover them, install door popper, and buff out the plexiglass.

And whilst I was at it, managed to redo my badly fading calipers on my other toy.

Mirrors about here :grin:

Nice thanks. :+1:
Is that an official Twizy bag I spy on the back seat??

Yes :star_struck:

I’m after an official twizy bag. Honestly rocking horse poo is easier to find.
I’ve got the twizy car cover (still with box). Looks really good with its own branded condom on.

I got my bag on here a many years ago for cheap , really useful and a great fit.

Oh the black and white is a bit more subtle than the yellow on I have. Never seen that - very nice.

When I spoke to my fabric supplier, they reckoned they could.copy the cover for about £100 - so I reckon they could knock up a bag. They have been making clothes for over 60 years! Just need a bag to use as a template, so basically impossible! Wonder if they are more.common in Germany or Korea??

looks fairly easy to come up with the dimensions for a rain cover looking at Jeff’s picture , its a snug fit and follows the body panel lines. :thinking:

best to go with a mirror delete to cover doors and no door models.

I would like to know specifically how to retrofit the rails of the Wingo seat. Can I share photos?
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Is there any hardware tuning method to lower the motor temperature?

some people have cut vents in the side pods to allow better air flow and the rear bottom metal plate can be removed or slotted to allow more air to the motor and gearbox.

People have cut holes in the side skirts, and added ducts in the under tray to try and keep the motor cooler. In England it isn’t something that really matters for 90% of the year. :cloud_with_rain::umbrella::cloud_with_rain::umbrella::cloud_with_rain:

The seat, I am still working on. The rails are about 5cm too wide, and also sits a little high. Also trying to see if I can get some of the weight out of it…do airbags weight much!?

Thanks a lot.

Some interesting suggestions from Alexakos here:

Today I got a go in the Twizys “rival” it did make me want to have a go in the electric version

I went the other way. Smart car to twizy lol

Personally, I would like to try in real life this one (X-EV) >>



Official twizy bag…£100… :exploding_head:

Twizy winter driver protection :heart_eyes:

New Twizy alloys: