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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Today I...

those tyres are going to be fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


78V :grin: hope these are for the back.

I have my opinions on toyos, but I got them for less than 50 each, and I like the look of the tread pattern…I’m painting them luminous blue to match the wheels next.
When the continentals on the front wear a bit more ill swap them out too so they al match.

Does look something now…


its Phat for sure :nerd_face:

Twizy wheel vs Laguna wheel… thanks to @kennethnilsen69 and this forum for the assistance. Now machined to fit, just need to install the powerbox buttons, respray / re-label the controls, refit the airbag…and then reassemble…oh, not before i respray the dash / binnacle which can only come out with the steering wheel off. And I haven’t decided on the colour for that yet…


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Issues with paint scheme led me back to my favourite hobby, wiring.

I’ve rigged a new key, which acts as a relay, so now have a proper unlock button. This activates the interior light, aswell as a little exterior display.
Just need to get the placement a little more symmetrical.

So weekends here. Time for an update.
Midweek I “gently” removed the white trim from the frame. Sized up for vinyl wrap options and l experimented with some left over colours.
Removalnwas easy enough, standard trim clips, and miraculously none broke. I routinely lubricate clips when I put them back so they come off even easier next time. (Knowing I end up taking the panels off and on alot.)

Paint colour chosen… a midnight blue? Plastidip, so totally reversible.

Tomorrow is wiring, with a custom switch panel, so I don’t have to cut any holes in the trim around the dash. Three buttons, one a 12v mhz relay circuit, one internal lights, and the other external lights. (I know it shows 4…last minute redesign)


That colour scheme is very nice. Looks good!
My interested has now been peaked to whatever car it is you’ve tried to hide on the right there. You could make into a quiz!

Where did you get the clear led indicator lamps from? They look good!

No, not a jaguar, but is very fast and convertible. It has definitely featured in the background before though.
It is an amazing little toy :heart_eyes: but have to focus on the Twizy now a days, as the other car is a finished project…nearly.

The indicators…I have some spare, just needs a wiring plug adaptor which I think I also have. They are standard kit car 55mm, at the back I have the LED version, which also looks a little more futuristic!

Swapped my rear pads for EBC ones, still have to do the front. I hear that’s harder?

Fitted winter tires. It’s cold now!
Had to break out the heated seatcover a few days ago.

About the motor, any other, more efficient motor that would fit on original mounts?
All the heat is a sign of low efficiency…