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Toe in the Water

I’m looking to get a Twizy for my commute to work (school). It’s 14 miles each way, mainly 40mph limit with a few hills. I bought a Model 3 Tesla last November (replacing a Jaguar XFR) and am sold on EVs - my commute currently costs less than 50p a day in electricity. Anyway, is it likely that the Twizy will cope with this in the winter? There is talk of the school getting a charging point, but that will probably be rather slow to be put in place.

Looking at the prices, I looked about 18 months ago and they look to have gone mad (upwards!)!! The thing that put me off was the battery rental bit, so good news that they can be bought out from Renault now. So it could well be the right time. How “seasonal” might these prices be?

I’m based 10 miles outside Bristol - are there any places that rent them out, as I cant see any being in stock at dealerships for a test drive?

Many thanks!



Hi Hugh, welcome to the site!

Your 28 mile round trip with hills in winter should be perfectly doable quite comfortably. The Twizy will definitely achieve this. You will of course have to charge it each night though to do this.

Yes Twizy prices have been steadily increasing recently. It’s just a supply and demand thing, there aren’t many around anymore and I don’t think many people are buying brand new ones.

Thanks for that James.

I shall keep an eye on cars up for sale.