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Too hot for driving around in a Twizy

I never thought I would be saying this, but with today’s and yesterday’s temperatures of 35ºC outdoors and no wind blowing, it seemed to be just a little too hot to drive around in the Twizy, even without windows. A few miles is no biggie, but casually driving around in this weather is just not fun. Tomorrow’s temperatures drop to 25ºC, so let’s hope to have some fun around again!

Anyone else has a story related to this?

I was watching some bikers and wishing I still had mine for the hot summers afternoons… :slight_smile:

Then I looked at the Twizy and remembered I don’t have to wear a hot sweaty set of leathers and a crash helmet in this weather to have some fun. :smiley:

I found it fine in this hot weather. Nice to get a tan on both arms in the Twizy, rather than just one burnt one from hanging the same arm on the same one side window ledge on the other car. I’m picking up quite a nice even colour for a change driving the Twizy for work. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the seat back and base,as it’s not breathable it makes you so hot, it needs something cloth over it when it’s really hot.

Same here. Sold the bike after having the Twizy 10 months as it was not used and then spent weeks wondering if it was the right thing.

It was none of those heat generating bike clothes that prevent you from stopping long enough to look about.

The Twizys at Goodwood had a seat covering I had not seen. Unless its in the top spec model. It was like a carbon fibre effect and felt quite different to the rubbery type I have.

the weather is fine for the twizy, no shoes, shorts and t-shirt, glad i don’t have the glass roof