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Toomey Renault, Basildon

Took Twizzle into Toomey Renaut Basildon again today to have the final instalment of the Windscreen wiper stalk repair… All works fine now but as I used it on the way home, it clearly doesn’t sit in it’s housing correctly and feels as though it isn’t held fully in place… tends to click about loosley in the holder - fearing another trip. Otherwise the dealer customer service has been excellent with recharging battery before pick up and giving me a lift back into work during the repair.

The mechanic was impressed by my windows though! Interestingly the driver said they wished they could use Twizy’s to do their garage courier work (They currently use a clapped out clio) - the car in the handover bay hadn’t been used for a test drive for a month. It would be intersting what the service you all receive form the ZE specialist.

Sounds like your service is shoddy, how can you fit a wiper stalk incorrectly.
My car came from Perry’s of Aylesbury, faultless service from start to finish, I didn’t even go there, I have an inside contact though, so probably helps. Before you ask, I don’t get discount, just excellent service :slight_smile:

People will be reluctant to criticize their dealers too early in case they require further help.

Mine wasn’t bad, didn’t know much about the Twizy as expected, however I had done my homework so that wasn’t important. They made a few mistakes but sorted them out and offered an accessory as compensation. However my problem was never with the dealer but with Renault. Far too slow with shipping Cars and Parts for the EV’s.

I limped to my local dealer Toomeys that Roger is talking about with a locked brake caliper and although I test drove a Twizy there but actually bought an ex demo elsewhere they fixed while I waited and I was back on the road within 30 mins, so cant complain

I never tried their service before. But I am quite interested to try it after reading those statements. However, informal reports are emerging that a growing quantity of car dealerships are beginning to scale back their markups on replacement insurance and financing.