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Top 10 coolest tricks you can only do in a Twizy

The Twizy is a unique vehicle with a unique driving experience. I wanted to compile a list of the coolest tricks you can only do in a Twizy, or at least things not possible in an ICE vehicle.
Here are a few examples, many of you may not have tried these yet or may have better examples;

  1. Pressing down on accelerator with car in neutral and engaging drive.
  2. Opening the doors using the brakes as the car comes to a stop.
  3. Leaning both arms out of both windows at the same time.

1 Creeping up behind someone silently, and watching their face when they see you behind them.
2 going twice as fast around roundabouts as any other car.

I’ve been sneaking onto friends driveways, taking a pic driving away and then posting the pic… “Knock down Twizy” :wink:

Driving round my garden in it.

Driving it places you can’t normally get a car.

Seeing how many people / children you can fit in one (6 kids so far)

Taking pics in silly places and doing silly things

DRIFTING! :smiley:

Using the gaps between parked cars to make 3 point turns in incredibly tight streets.

End on parking. :slight_smile:

The best trick with a Twizy? THE HUGE NUMBER OF NEW FRIENDS YOU HAVE EVERYWHERE YOU GO! I’m loving it! Meeting SOO MANY great people :smiley:

I’ve been posting some pics on the TwizyTech FB page. Had a boat on the roof the other day. A HUGE trailer too another day. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try a few of those things Jmayo :slight_smile:

It’s fun sneaking up on people. I think I need a big air horn… :smiley:

There’s also the “left foot braking” alternated with the throttle that allows you to absolutely sling a Twizy through off road wide accommodating bends and huge roundabouts in a bit of a slide at speed while maintain direction by flicking brake and throttle with a little steering.

Err, somebody told me that of course. And I heard the rear disks are very expensive £700 fitted with new pads. And that tyres, although cheap as biscuits, are still a bit rare…

  1. With a friend in the back… four arms out of the windows!
  2. Leaving everyone behind at the lights - it’s so quick off the mark.
  3. Turning around in the road in one go - so cool.
  4. Chatting to other drivers in the traffic - a regular occurrence.
  5. Parking right outside the local wine bar - that gets everyone looking more than any TOWIE “star.”

and on and on because the Twizy IS the coolest car ever.

I always assume the Twizy is the perfect car for criminals escaping from the police in cities.
Obviously not to outspeed police cars, but: