Total cost of owning a used Twizy (company owned)

Hi all

I’ve viewed the forum a couple of times but just signed up to ask my question :smile:

I run my own limited company and am tempted to buy a used Twizy for the occasional local short trip, or to the station etc.

Could anyone please give me a quick run down on the total cost of owning a Twizy? I appreciate there will be a small BIK tax if I take it as a company car rather than pool car (which would be the proper thing to do, of course)… Just wondering about the battery rental, service requirements etc?.


Battery rental depends on expected mileage but say min £45 a month.
The Twizy comes with 4 years servicing included.
This means no one knows what servicing cost are. However there isn’t a lot to a Twizy Check and change Oil, check Brake fluid, pads and disk wear. Then it’s just Bulbs, tyres and wipers.

probably replacing the gearbox oil as well but thats negligible cost

Thanks osbrook.

I think as much as a Twizy is cheap as chips to buy, the ongoing costs may prove prohibitive for infrequent short trips :frowning:

I guess you’re looking at £100/mo roughly for battery rental, insurance, BIK tax and service/consumables…

From the Fleet News company car tax calculator:

BiK Percentage charge 7%
Benefit in kind £552
Tax Payable at 20% £110
Tax Payable at 40% £221

Mine is £51.25 per month battery rental for 6500 miles p.a., £14 per month to charge and insurance is £179 a year. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback folks. I don’t suppose anyone in the Essex area has one I could be cheeky and have a sit in? No dealers nearby have any!

Just bringing this topic back to the topic as it’s become relevant again.

Looking at a Twizy as a daily commuter to/from the station. I’m hoping I can get away with parking it with the bikes, which park for free! :smile:

I want to spend as little as possible, of course, on a Twizy, but that needs to include running costs including maintenance (which may make out-of-warranty cars too much of a risk).

Any thoughts on the ultimate low-cost Twizy solution? :slight_smile:

So almost bought one today. 65 plate, 36 miles on the clock, £5500 from John Chambers in Cambridge.

I was told VAT was included in the price so I made the 100 mile round trip only to find there was no VAT as they were just selling it on behalf of someone. They seemed surprised I was no longer interested!! (I would have been £1100 out of pocket). Total waste of time today.

No decent apology or even an offer of covering my costs. Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

Funnily enough I’ve been chatting with them last few weeks, however had to hold off buying due to few changes on a contract. Annoyingly for you I asked and was told there was no VAT, due to the original owner not reclaiming it. So they should’ve told you correctly.

I wasn’t completely off put by it (would be nice admittedly), but this explains why i didnt get a call this week. Did you even look at the Twizy itself? I was told it was effectively a prop for a housing development thus the low milage.

Yes I had a look, in fact it’s the first one I’ve ever sat in. Didn’t take it for a drive though as my driving license is else where.

They did mention a chap from Manchester is interested in the vehicle and would be calling back on Monday. Perhaps that was you?

It’s an interesting car and difficult to value as it’s practically new but with only three years warranty. I’m not really sure why they didn’t pay any VAT to the seller (they are a business after all supposedly). Didn’t quite add up to me, it’s probably the guvnor’s cousins wife’s brothers auntie’s :slight_smile: The sales guy I dealt with didn’t understand VAT and the deputy dawg who had to be referred to had a bit of an attitude problem. The dealer principle was apparently on a plane flying somewhere hot.

I still want a Twizy. Weighing up between buying a dirt cheap 12 plate vs something newer. I’m only intending doing 500-1000 miles per year so the premium for the warranty etc may not be worth it.

Im not sure, i was going to phone tomorrow, but unsure id said that to them but im close in Cheshire.
Vat on car’s is a bit of a weird one as unless you’re using the car 100% during work (not commuting) then you cant claim vat anyway, thus it not being such an issue for me really.