Tour de France with a Twizy

Yesterday, Jean-Jacques Pierron started a "Tour de France with his Twizy
Here is an article

and a video of course !

Bravo chevalier!

please post your experiences, French is ok for me and I’ll offer to translate for those interested.


The Tour de France with a Twizy crossed Spain!
Here are all the stages :

Tour de France with a Twizy: new update with a good link this time !

New update.
The Tour de France with a Renault Twizy has gone through Normandy.
70 years ago, guys from your country died in this place to free my country. Thanks to them and their families.

Jean-Jacques Pierron at the foot of the Alps !

Sounds good, France is a worth visit place because of a lot of factors that belongs to and in the same way things that are the major attractions are quite fine to be experience.
I always wanted to be at the place and will be considering it as my next honeymoon place.