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Tow couling

I provide you with the latest twizy-news from germany :slight_smile:

You can buy a tow coupling for the twizy:

“- Stützlast 30 kg - Anhängelast 180 kg bei 8% Steigung - mit Elektropaket - inkl. TÜV Gutachten für die Eintragung - Wir empfehlen den Einbau durch einen anerkannten KFZ-Meisterbrieb.”
“holding load(?translation?) 30 kg, towed load 180 kg at 8% inclination, with electronics packet and approval to use on public road, we reccomend the installation at a professional comany”
699 €
so far my quick and dirty translation

PS: I cant edit the title; there is a “p” missing.

Thanks for all the info and translation. The German market seems to have taken to the Twizy in a much bigger way than we in the UK. There is a lot more interesting aftermarket stuff that we don’t get here. Please keep us informed. Thanks.